Herb Sophia (Descurainia sophia) profile

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Mar 24 2021

Herb Sophia (Descurainia sophia) profile

Herb Sophia (Descurainia sophia) is an annual Herb, 20 -- 80 cm tall, hairy or glabrous, hairs forked, stem leaves abundant below, tapering upward. The stem is erect, much-branched, often lavender below. Leaves are 3-pinnately lobed, 2-12 (-15) cm long, terminal lobes striate or oblong, lobes (2-) 3-5 (-10) mm long, 0.8-1.5 (-2) mm wide, lower leaves petiolate, upper leaves sessile.

Herb sophia picture

Herb Sophia

Morphological characteristics of herb sophia


Herb Sophia is an annual or biennial herb, 20-80 cm tall, the whole plant is grayish-white.


The stem of Herb Sophia is erect, distally branched, longitudinally grooved, densely branched pubescent.


Leaves of herb sophia are rectangular or rectangular oblanceolate, 3 -- 7 cm long, I -- 2(4) cm wide, 2-3 pinnately divided or deeply divided, final lobes strip or strip rectangular, 2 -- 5 mm long, 1 -- 1.5 mm wide, apex obtuse, entire, branched pubescent on both surfaces; Stem lower leaves are petiolate, upward petiole gradually shortened or nearly sessile.


Herb Sophia is a terminal raceme with many flowers; Herb Sophia has 4 sepals, oblong, apex obtuse, margin membranous, abaxially branched villous; Herb Sophia has 4 petals, yellow, spatulate, subequal to sepals; The stamens are longer than the petals.


Herb Sophia is long pod cylindric, 2.5-3 cm long, ca. 1 mm wide, glabrous, slightly intrauterine, not a straight line with pedicel, midvein of fruit pedicel conspicuous; Fruit pedicel is 1-2 cm long. Seeds 1 row per chamber, seed shape small, most, oblong, about 1 mm long, slightly flat, reddish brown, the surface has a fine reticulate, wet after glue.

Herb Sophia's ecological habits

Herb Sophia was born in mountain meadows, gullies, villages and fields.

Herb Sophia

Herb Sophia's distribution area

Herb Sophia produces Hulun Buir League, Hinggan League, Xilin Gol League Wulanchabu League (Daqingshan, Manhan Mountain), Chifeng City (Keshikten Banner).

Herb Sophia is distributed in the north of Xing 'an the south of Xing 'an the east of Ling, the west of Ling, the Huyi Xi Plateau, and the Yinshan Mountains. Northeast, North, East, Northwest and Southwest of China; Asia, Europe, North Africa, North America.

Herb Sophia uses

The ethanol extract of the Herb Sophia seeds was used in in vivo heart (frog, rabbit, cat), electrocardiogram of cat and cardiopulmonary specimen preparation test. It showed the effect of cardiac glucoside, which could enhance the contractility of the myocardium, slow down the heart rate and reduce the conduction velocity. Large doses can cause tachycardia, ventricular fibrillation and other cardiac glycoside poisoning symptoms. Clinical use for the treatment of chronic pulmonary heart disease complicated with heart failure. Herb Sophia has a diuretic effect.

Herb Sophia