Golden club (Orontium aquaticum) profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 22 2021

Golden club (Orontium aquaticum) profile

Golden club (Orontium aquaticum), also called floating arum, never-wets or tawkin, is a new generation of aquatic flower plants, and it is believed that many people have never heard of it. Golden Club (Orontium Aquaticum) is a perennial aquatic flower in the genus Araceae, named Golden Club in English. The Golden Club takes root and blossoms, and its unique yellow and white flowers look like small sticks sticking out of the water, which is very lovely.

Golden club picture

Golden club

Morphological characteristics of golden club

Golden Club is a perennial aquatic plant of Araceae Ooty, with high ornamental value. Golden club has strong roots .Leaf blade sea green glossy, soft like long hair, ovate to elliptic, base sheathed, protruded from the water .Inflorescences are elongated, yellow above, green below, with a white band below the flowers; flowers are bisexual, each with 6 perianth lobes. The distinctive yellowish-white Flower is shaped like a stick sticking out of the water. Berries contain 1 seed. Flowering in late spring and early summer.

The ecological habits of golden club

Golden Club likes warm water and a wet environment, mainly grows in moist soil or shallow water. Overwinter with roots dormant in the mud.

The distribution area of golden club

Golden Club is native to Central Africa and the Americas, and is also cultivated in China.

Golden club

How to grow golden club

If you have taken a liking to these plants, possibly you’d like to strive to develop golden membership yourself. They make a fascinating addition to a panorama water function and can additionally be eaten. Golden membership is iciness hardy to USDA zones 5-10. They can without problems begin from seed Sow the seed in the early summer. Grow in containers that have been submerged 6-18 inches (15-46 cm.) in a water backyard or develop the plant in the mud of shallow areas of a pond. Although it will tolerate section shade, golden membership must be grown in full solar publicity for the brightest leaf color.

Golden club function and use

Golden Club grows slowly, but after taking root, it will show beautiful and charming demeanor. It can be used for the wetland setting of a water landscape park, and potted plants can be used as interior decoration.

Golden club