Godetia (Satin flower) profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 30 2021

Godetia (Satin flower) profile

Godetia, also known as Satin flower, farewell-to-spring, is a rare genus of ancient willow leaf herb, a good material for early summer flower beds, flower planting, can also be used as pot plants. Tall stem species can be used as cut flowers or as a background for various flower beds.

Godetia picture


Morphological features of Godetia


Godetia is an ancient rare genus of one or two year herbs in the family Salix. The plant height varies from 20 cm to 90 cm depending on the species. The plant is tufted because of its many branches, and the stem is thin, with a slightly lignified base.


The leaves of Godetia are alternate, striped to lanceolate, and often dark red in the upper part under sunny conditions.


Godetia for sparse leafy spike branches was born, flowers have single, double, single species have petals 4, stems ca. 5 cm, with the silk like brocade, design and color is white, and the fruit, pink, red, purple, light color petal base or central often have dark patches, and petals dark patches of light color.

Godetia flowering in early summer, capsule nearly round.

The ecological habits of Godetia

Godetia is fond of light and cold weather, avoiding extreme heat and cold. godetia is suitable for cool summer areas.Prefer well-drained fertile sandy loam.


How to grow and care for Godetia

Growing environment

Godetia enjoys a sunny environment with no severe cold in winter and no extreme heat in summer. Godetia thrives in warm and humid environments, keeping the soil moist, applying a thin fertilizer once a week and giving it plenty of sunlight.


Grow Godetia in full sun unless you garden in a hot area with lots of humidity (in which case the plant can profit from some shade).


The soil requirement is not strict, the general garden soil can be planted.

Water & fertilizer

After the seedling is restored to growth, strengthen water and fertilizer management, often watering, in order to keep the soil moist, but not water. Apply decayed thin liquid fertilizer or compound fertilizer every 7 to 10 days. Phosphate fertilizer can be added appropriately during the gestational bud period to promote the formation of more buds, so as to achieve the purpose of more flowering and large flower color. Seeds should be collected in time after maturity, so as not to scatter lost.

Godetia's distribution area

Godetia is native to western North America.

Landscape use of Godetia

Godetia is a good material for early summer flower beds, flower borders, or pot plants. Tall stem species can be used as cut flowers or as a background for various flower beds.

Godetia can be planted in pieces in flower beds and mirrors. Because the plants grow prostrate, the flower buds stand upright, and the flowers are close to the ground. When in full bloom, they are like carpets and very gorgeous, which is an important flower for garden decoration.In addition, can also be basin load, used to decorate the meeting place, balcony, window sill and so on.