Flowering tobacco (Nicotiana X sanderae) profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 02 2021

Flowering tobacco (Nicotiana X sanderae) profile

Flowering Tobacco (scientific name: Nicotiana Xsanderae) is interspecific hybrids of the genus Nicotiana in the Solanaceae. The original species is native to southern Brazil and northern Argentina. Flowering tobacco is a perennial plant in its origin and is cultivated in China as a one-year grass flower.

Flowering tobacco picture

Flowering tobacco

Flowering tobacco morphological characteristics

Flowering tobacco is fine hairy. Basal leaves are spatulate, cauline leaves long lanceolate. Terminal health panicle, with flower evacuation, flower tall foot dish shape, corolla 5 crack trumpet shape. Its leaf shape is large, the flower is beautiful, takes the fragrance, is full of tropical sentiment. Potted Flowering tobacco is suitable for balcony, windowsill or small garden put, flowers in the evening or night open, closed by day.

Flowering tobacco's ecological habits

Flowering tobacco likes warm, not cold. Flowering tobacco is pleasant to sun and tolerant to shade. It is a long-day plant. Flowering tobacco likes fertile loose and moist soil.

Flowering tobacco

Flowering tobacco growing methods

Flowering tobacco sowing propagation. Spring sowing, seeds like light, germination suitable temperature 21 ~ 24 degrees, 14 ~ 15 days after sowing germination, after a transplant, can pick the heart to promote branching. Outdoor planting, plant row spacing 30cm by 30cm.

Flowering tobacco garden use

Blown eye-catching, colorful, Flowering tobacco can be used as a flower bed, mirror materials, but also scattered planted in the edge of the forest, roadside, and dwarf varieties can be potted.
Flowering tobacco