Echeveria Simulans Profile

Written by Maggie

Nov 03 2021

Echeveria Simulans Profile

Echeveria Simulans (Ascension) is a succulent plant of the genus Ascension, which is the Echeveria E. Simulans produced in Ascension and also known as Ascension in the past. It is the most popular Echeveria species. Echeveria Simulans small to medium sized plant rosette, leaves ovate to obovate, mucronate at the front, thin margin with transparent white edge, fine wrinkled contorted margin, pink blue color. Echeveria simulans is in the state, the leaf margin is clearly distorted, and the periphery of the leaf is slightly pink.

Echeveria Simulans Picture

Echeveria Simulans

Characteristics of Echeveria Simulans

Echeveria simulans blooms in late spring and early summer, cincinniform cymes, small bell-shaped flowers, yellow petals at the front.

How to Grow and Care for Echeveria Simulans

The echeveria simulans are tough and easy to maintain. In the spring and autumn growing season, full illumination can be given as far as possible. The plant type of Echeveria Simulans can be more compact and wrapped, and the leaf edge folds are obvious. If there is insufficient illumination, the plant heart is easy to spread out, and the fold edge is not obvious. Spring and autumn growth season Echeveria Simulans can be fully watered, basin soil dry seven or eight points can be watered through, avoid long-term dry, rainy season should avoid long-term rain, prevent water rot. Echeveria Simulans summer is not difficult, summer can be appropriate shading through risk control water, avoid hot environment, avoid basin soil long-term moisture, avoid leaf heart water. Echeveria Simulans can be grown in a loose and breathable medium, such as peat, coconut bran, or granular soil, with a ratio of about 55. Echeveria simulans can be bred in leaves or shoots, and is recommended for spring and autumn.

Echeveria Simulans

Variety Classification of Echeveria Simulans

Echeveria Simulans E. Simulans (Ascension) and Laguna E. Simulans (Laguna Sanchez) are both from different habitats, but their characters are also different. With the process of seed selection and breeding, the difference becomes more obvious. Compared to the Echeveria Simulans, Laguna's leaves are thicker, with longer leaf tips and edges that are not as wrinkled and twisted as those of the Echeveria Simulans.

Echeveria Simulans

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