Diphylleia grayi Profile

Written by Lisa

Oct 14 2021

Diphylleia grayi Profile

The normal color of the Diphylleia grayi is white and very elegant, but it becomes transparent after being exposed to rain or sprinkled with water, which is very peculiar.

Diphylleia grayi Pictures

Diphylleia grayi

Diphylleia grayi Morphological Characteristics:

Perennial herb, plant height 40-150 cm. The rhizome is thick, horizontal, and more fibrous; the stem is upright, unbranched, glabrous, and light green. 2 cauline leaves, thin paper, alternate, shield-shaped, subcircular, 30 cm in diameter, 4-9 palmately lobed, lobes broadly triangular, ovoid or ovoid-oblong, 2.5-4 cm long , The base is 5-7 cm wide, the apex is sharp, not divided, the upper surface is glabrous, the back is pilose, the veins are obviously raised, and the edges are finely toothed; the stalk of the lower leaf is 12-25 cm long, and the upper petiole is 1-3 cm long .

The peduncle is slender, recurved, and pilose; the flowers are dark red, 5-8 clusters grow not far from the base of the leaf, drooping; sepals 6, oblong oval, 0.6-1.8 cm long, 6-8 mm wide, apex Acutely pointed, outer pubescent, inner surface glabrous; petals 6, spoon-shaped obovate, about 2.5 cm long, about 8 mm wide, glabrous; stamens 6, about 1.8 cm long, filaments shorter than anthers, apex of drug septum Pointed, glabrous; ovary oval, glabrous, style short, stigma shield-shaped. The berries are oval in shape, about 4 cm long and 3.5 cm in diameter. Most seeds.

Diphylleia grayi

Diphylleia grayi flowering period:

Period from March to June, fruit period from May to September.

Diphylleia grayi flower language:

Family affection.

Diphylleia grayi geographical distribution:

Diphylleia grayi has three species, intermittently distributed in East Asia and eastern North America, one species produced in China.

Diphylleia grayi Growth habits:

It likes a cool and humid environment, which is cold-tolerant and intolerant to drought. It should be growing in moist and slightly acidic loam rich in humus.

The reason why the Diphylleia grayi flower becomes transparent

1. After the white petals meet and absorb water, the cell gap is filled, and the light changes from reflection to refraction, resulting in a transparent effect;

2. After the rain impacts the white petals, the internal structure (such as vacuoles) is damaged and can no longer support the cells and produce the effect of reflecting light. The light directly penetrates the non-pigmented cells, and they look transparent. This is just a physical phenomenon, not a chemical reaction.

Therefore, this kind of flower is also called "skeleton flower" or "crystal flower". The "skeleton flower" is because the entire pattern of the petals becomes clear after it becomes transparent.

Diphylleia grayi

Under what circumstances will Diphylleia grayi flower become white?

After the water on the flower disappears, it will naturally return to white. It is difficult to raise this kind of plants domestically, and most of them grow in mountain forests, so they are strange and rare.

Diphylleia grayi