Cryptanthus acaulis profile

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Mar 24 2021

Cryptanthus acaulis profile

Cryptanthus acaulis leaf blade is long elliptic lanceolate, petiole longer, leaf green brown, with light green stripes; Cryptanthus acaulis scape extends from leaf axils, small florets, white.

Cryptanthus acaulis picture

Cryptanthus acaulis

Morphological characteristics of Cryptanthus acaulis

Cryptanthus acaulis is a perennial evergreen herb. The underground part has a massive rhizome and the aboveground part has almost no stem. Leaves of cryptanthus acaulis are densely clumped from the rhizome, with several leaves in each cluster, extending horizontally in a rosette shape, hard leaves, undulate edges, and with soft spines, band-shaped leaves, acuminate at the apex, white phosphorus on the back of the leaves, hypertrophic leathery mesophyll, and green-brown surface. Flowers of Cryptanthus acaulis are bisexual, white, monoecious, scapes drawn from leaf clusters, short columnar, inflorescence rosette, 4 involucral bracts triangular, white, leathery.

Ecological habits of Cryptanthus acaulis

Cryptanthus acaulis likes high temperature, high humidity, half shade environment, afraid of direct sunlight, afraid of water, not drought resistance, requirements loose, fertile, rich humus, aerated good sandy soil.

The distribution of Cryptanthus acaulis

Cryptanthus acaulis is native to tropical South America, mainly distributed in the virgin forests of Brazil. Cryptanthus acaulis mostly grows in the tropical rain forest on the large branches and bark gaps, in the south of our country there are potted cultivation.

Species taxonomy of Cryptanthus acaulis

Grate leaf Cryptanthus acaulis

It is also known as the floret Cryptanthus acaulis. Leaf blade long elliptic lanceolate, petiole longer, leaf green brown, with light green stripes; Scape extends from leaf axils, small florets, white.

Two color Cryptanthus acaulis

It is also known as double striped Cryptanthus acaulis. Leaves are green with red and yellow longitudinal stripes.

Tabby Cryptanthus acaulis

The leaves are clustered, the middle leaves are larger, and there are red, yellow and white transverse crisscross stripes on the leaves, like tiger spots.

Red leaves Cryptanthus acaulis

Leaf blade is short, reddish yellow or reddish brown alternate.

Garden use of Cryptanthus Acaulis

Cryptanthus acaulis has regular plant shape and gorgeous color, which is suitable for ornamental decoration on tabletop and windowsill, etc. Cryptanthus acaulis is an excellent indoor foliage viewing plant.It can also be used as a part of xeroxy bonsai and bottle plant. Cryptanthus acaulis can also be cultivated indoors for hanging plants or planted on the outdoor shelf, rockery and so on. It is a better greening and beautifying material.

The propagation of Cryptanthus acaulis

Cryptanthus acaulis is propagated by seeding, cuttage and plant division.

Seeding method

Seeds of Cryptanthus acaulis need artificial pollination to obtain, in the spring in the indoor pot sowing, 25℃ 1 to 2 weeks can be sprouted, but the seed growth is slow, three years later can become a plant.


Cut off the leaf axis beside the mother Cryptanthus acaulis from the base, keep the 3 leaflets at the apex, insert them into the sand bed, shade conservation, protecting the high humidity. Root can be taken about 3 weeks at a temperature of about 30℃, and seedlings can be separated 7 weeks later.


It is a commonly used propagation method for Cryptanthus acaulis. It is combined with changing pots in spring to separate the budding tillers between the leaves of flowering mother plants, and then plant them with roots and stems cut and preserved under shade. It is easy to survive. The method of subdivision propagation is mainly suitable for the herbaceous flowers with fascicular characteristics.

Cryptanthus acaulis

How to grow and care for Cryptanthus acaulis

Temperature care

Because Cryptanthus acaulis is native to tropical or subtropical areas, like high temperature and high humidity environment, so the winter temperature requirements are very strict, when the temperature is lower than 3-6℃, it can not safely overwintering;In summer, temperatures above 35 ° C can also be tolerated, but growth is temporarily hampered. The optimum growth temperature is 18-30℃.

In the Cryptanthus acaulis growth environment above 34 ℃, the correct treatment method is: 1, as far as possible to strengthen the air convection, in order to facilitate its transpiration, the body temperature goes down; 2. Spray the leaves 2-4 times a day: the higher the temperature, the more times it should be correspondingly. When the temperature is low or rainy, spray less or not spray; 3. Spray wet the ground around it, which is very helpful to reduce the temperature of the environment around it.

In the Cryptanthus acaulis growth environment below 6 ℃, the correct treatment method is: 1, with a film to wrap it over the winter, but every two days in the noon when the temperature is high to uncover the film to allow it to breathe;2. Move it into a heated room for the winter.

Moisture care

The relative temperature of air in the growth environment is above 65%. When it is the growth of air relative humidity is too low, when a person's skin will feel dry, and easily thirsty), for example, in the air conditioning or often close the doors and windows of the indoor environment, or cement on the balcony, it will hang to soft branches, leaves will bend down down, over time, it's the whole plant will be destroyed, lose their ornamental value, at the same time, its growth will be weak. When Cryptanthus acaulis grows in an environment where the relative humidity of the air is too high (> 85% for a long time). At this time, people will feel very humid or muggy), it will make its leaves temporarily stop transpiration, grow weak, and will lead to the occurrence of various diseases. Cryptanthus acaulis favorite air relative humidity is 65%~ 75%. When the air relative humidity is less than 60%, such as an air conditioning environment or not ventilated indoor environment, it can be adjusted by spraying on the leaf surface, and can also be put under the flower plate filled with water dish.

Light care

Cryptanthus acaulis originally lived in temperate to warm temperate shrubs in sparse shade or on the northwest slopes, receiving partial intermittent direct sunlight each day.In the high temperature season of summer (daytime temperature above 33 ℃), if it is kept in direct sunlight, it will grow very slowly or enter a semi-dormant state, and the leaves will be burned and slowly turn yellow and fall off. Therefore, in the hot summer to give Cryptanthus acaulis to block about 50 percent of the sun.In spring, autumn and winter, because the temperature is not very high, Cryptanthus acaulis can be properly given direct sunlight, in order to facilitate its photosynthesis and the formation of flower buds, flowering.

Water care

To the fertilizer and water requirements, but most afraid of disorderly fertilization, concentrated fertilizer and partial application of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium fertilizer, the requirement to follow the "light fertilizer frequently applied, the amount of more times, nutrition" fertilization (water) principle.


Repot every two to three years in the spring.  When handle the plant gently. Avoid injuring the sparse, shallow roots.

Spring, summer and autumn care

This is its growth season three seasons, water management, in accordance with the "flower" - "flower" - water - "flower" - "flower" - the order of the water cycle (at the very least to ensure that the "flower" twice a week), interval period is about: outdoor maintenance 1-4 days, sunny days or high temperature during every cycle short, rainy day or during the low temperature cycle longer insulation or not watering; Put Cryptanthus acaulis in the indoor maintenance of 2-6 days, sunny days or high temperature period between a shorter period, rainy days or low temperature period between a longer period or not pouring. Watering time to try to arrange in the morning when the temperature is lower. Most notably, when fertilizing or watering, the fertilizer water should be poured into the rosette tube.Water in the summer when the temperature is low in the morning or evening, and spray the plants often.

Winter care

During the dormant period in winter, the main task is to control fertilizer and water. Fertilization and water management should follow the sequential cycle of "Huabao" - "Qingshui" - "Huabao" - "Qingshui" - "Qingshui" - "Huabao" - "Qingshui" - "Qingshui". The interval period is about 7-10 days, and the interval period is shorter during sunny days or high temperatures, longer during cloudy days or low temperatures or no watering. Watering time as far as possible to arrange in the sunny noon when the temperature is higher.

Disease control of Cryptanthus acaulis

Anthrax: 25% carbon Trane WP 500 times liquid or 27% copper noble suspension 600 times night, 1:1:160 times Bordeaux liquid.Every half a month, a total of 2-3 times.

Cryptanthus acaulis