Craspedia-Billy buttons profile

Written by Maggie

Feb 20 2021

Craspedia-Billy buttons profile

Billy buttons, scientific name Craspedia globosa, belong to Chrysopterus of Compositae. Billy buttons is a herb, native to Australia, often annual, narrow lanceolate, waxy, grayish-green, rosette base, flower stem erect, few branching, terminal golden globular flowers, many tubules in a cyme, drum shaped or golden globose.E xcellent fresh cut flowers and dried flowers, vase life is long, as a flower, it is common in the bride holding flowers, headdress, bridegroom's corsage, table flowers, bouquets, cakes, table decoration and so on.

Billy buttons picture

Billy buttons

Billy buttons morphological characteristics

Billy buttons (Craspedia globosa) are perennial, narrow leaves lanceolate, waxy, gray - white pilose, leaves gray - green, rosette basal, fascicular plants; The Flower stem of Billy Buttons is erect and less branched, with bright yellow globular flowers at the end, and is composed of many tubular flowers in cymes, drumsticks or golden globes, 50 -- 60cm high. Base rosette, caespitose. Leaves of Billy buttons (Craspedia globosa) are narrowly lanceolate, waxy, covered with gray-white pilose. The flower is golden yellow, by the innumerable tube-like flower composition spherical.

Billy buttons growing environment

Billy buttons (Craspedia globosa) are light loving, suitable for warm, cool environments and rich humus soil. Sow and reproduce. Billy buttons (Craspedia globosa) can be planted in flower beds, flower belts, flower borders or both sides of Garden road. It is an excellent flower material for natural dried flowers. 

Billy buttons place of origin

Billy buttons are native to Australia. 

Billy buttons propagation methods

Billy buttons are mainly propagated by sowing.

Billy buttons growing methods

Billy buttons growth period of acupoint dish seedlings: 6~7 weeks

Billy buttons transplanting period: 17~18 weeks

Billy buttons minimum tolerable temperature: 0℃

Billy buttons water requirements: moderate, well drained

Billy buttons fertilization management: once a month

Billy buttons growth spacing: 30~46cm

Billy buttons growth height: 41~51cm

Billy buttons plump width: 25~30cm

Soil type for Billy buttons: clay, lime soil, sandy soil, loam

Soil acid alkaline: alkaline, neutral soil.

Billy buttons

Billy buttons flowering period

Billy buttons flower period is in summer, late summer; It can flower all year round under small environment protection.

Billy buttons flower language

Forever Happiness. Billy buttons (Craspedia globosa) are naturally a fine material for dried flowers. The flowers are round, small, lovely, and durable. Billy buttons will not wither and fade, and they will shine forever. Billy buttons (Craspedia globosa), which means "everlasting happiness," is often used in wedding bouquets. At the same time, Billy buttons color is like gold and its shape is perfect, so it gets the name gold ball. Therefore, Billy buttons have the implication of perfect wealth and honor. Billy buttons are especially suitable for visiting relatives and friends to present or decorate the house.

Billy buttons main value

Billy buttons (Craspedia globosa) can be planted in flower beds, flower belts, flower borders or both sides of a garden road. Billy buttons (Craspedia globosa) are an excellent flower material for natural dried flowers. Excellent fresh cut flowers and natural dry flowers, vase life is long, as a flower, it is common in the bride's bouquet, headdress, bridegroom's corsage, table flower, bouquet, cake, table flower decoration, etc., can be one or two years of flowers or perennial flowers.

Billy buttons