Top 10 most beautiful flowers blooming in spring

Written by Maggie

Jan 25 2021

Top 10 most beautiful flowers blooming in spring

Spring is a season for revival. The earth is also the season of flowers, flowers bloom. So what are the most beautiful flowers? The following are top 10 most beautiful flowers blooming in spring.

top 10 most beautiful flowers blooming in spring.

1. The peach blossom blooming in spring

Peach blossom is one of the most beautiful flowers in spring. Many people will go to the spring to enjoy the peach blossom. Its petals are mostly light pink, in the wind is graceful, and has a higher ornamental value. Its flowering period is in March to April every year, in China's Anhui, Hubei and other places planting a wide range.

2. Armenian plum blooming in spring

Spring recovery of all things, but also some flowers blooming season. So what flowers blossom in spring? armenian plum its design and color is pure white, Armenian plum blossom fruit edible, has high ornamental value and edible value. It grows more in the southern coastal areas in China. Generally in the spring, flowering is often grown in the courtyard or on both sides of the lake.

3. Rhododendron blooming in spring

Rhododendron is an evergreen shrub, rhododendron color gorgeous flowers and leaves. Beautiful colors and various flowers and leaves, by a lot of people who love flowers. Rhododendron can blossom in spring, more cold resistant. It can be planted in the greenhouse in winter. Rhododendron can be as a medicine, to the human body can have the effect of activating blood and filling gas.

4. Pear flower blooming in spring

Pear flower design and color is pure white, is a deciduous tree, is extremely thick fragrance, suitable for planting in the courtyard, blossoms in spring. The country of origin is in China.  Pear flowers love the warm and moist growing conditions. It grows in Anhui, Henan and other places in China.

top 10 most beautiful flowers blooming in spring.

5. Daffodils blooming in spring

Narcissus is a lycoridaceae perennial herbs, its flowering period in the spring, the shell of the daffodil has a layer of bowl-shaped protective cover. The flower core is yellow, and in our country has a long history of planting, is one of the top ten flowers in our country.

6. Winter jasmine blooming in spring

Winter jasmine is a deciduous shrub. Petals are mostly pale yellow, very small and delicate leaves. Flowering period is generally in the spring. Winter jasmine is slightly cold resistant, in China's Yunnan, Shanxi and other places are planted, has a high ornamental value

7. Camellia blooming in spring

Camellia petal color is all red, and is one of China's top ten flowers. Camellia has many varieties of horticulture. Camellia has a lot of horticultural varieties and has high ornamental value. 

8. Peony blooming in spring

Peony is a perennial herbaceous plant, petals are purple, and Mosaic is bigger, blossoms in spring. Its design and color is rich diversity, basically have white, yellow, pink, yellow and other colors. Peony not only has high ornamental, buthas high medicinal value, can be used as medicine, and has the effect of treatment of vertigo, gout, stomach cramps.

9. Lilac blooming in spring

Lilac flower has the reputation of "the flower of heaven", its smell is very special, and the color is mostly lilac. Because of its pure appearance. Lilac flowers bloom in spring, its roots or famous Chinese medicine, is a kind of natural best health medicine.

10. Magnolia blooming in spring

Magnolia is an angiosperm, the color is pure white, flowering period in the spring of 2 ~ 3 months, the branches of Magnolia can do furniture, drawing board, has high practical value, Magnolia and China's rare garden flowers and trees one of the reputation, has been deeply loved by everyone.

top 10 most beautiful flowers blooming in spring.