How to improve the sticky soil

Written by Maggie

Dec 01 2020

How to improve the sticky soil

Too sticky soil is not suitable for plant maintenance, so how to improve the soil is too sticky? Let's take a look at it.

How to improve the sticky soil

How can the soil be improved if it is too sticky

In order to improve the condition that the soil is too viscous, we can mix fine sand and sawdust in a 1:1 ratio. Generally, 150-300 kg of fine sand and sawdust are applied to each mu of land. The soil needs to be ploughed more than 30 cm deep, and the cohesive soil can be improved into a loose, breathable and drained cultivation matrix.

How to loosen the heavy soil

Method of replace with out-soil

The guest soil method is artificial mixing sand. Adding sand is an effective measure to improve the porosity and permeability of cohesive soil. The amount of sand added depends on the viscosity of the soil, usually 1/4 to 1/2. The amount of soil and sand should be increased appropriately in order to prevent the hardening of furrow surface after sowing and influence seedling emergence.

Add organic fertilizer

Appropriate application of organic fertilizer is also an effective measure to improve the cohesive soil. The semi-decomposition of organic matter can loosen soil and increase soil porosity. Because the adhesion and adhesion of humus are obviously lower than clay, organic fertilizer can reduce the viscosity of clay. Applying organic fertilizer can promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, coordinate the proportion of air and water in the soil, loosen the soil, increase the capacity of water retention, heat preservation, air permeability and fertilizer retention.

How to improve the sticky soil