How to grow and care for Prunus Blireiana

Written by Maggie

Jan 19 2021

How to grow and care for Prunus Blireiana

Prunus blireiana is suitable for growing in the yard, the place such as square, lawn, road green belts, regardless of solitary or clump planting is appropriate, also can be potted ornamental or making bonsai. Many people want to grow it but do not know how to grow and care for Prunus Blireiana. Today, we'll talk about Prunus Blireiana care for growing Prunus Blireiana.

Prunus Blireiana

1. Watering care when growing Prunus Blireiana

Water plants in early spring every year to irrigate green water. In the growing season if not the soil is too dry, do not water, but summer high-temperature drought is appropriate watering, so as not to water caused by the new leaves of plants difficult to grow, old leaves yellow and dry. On rainy days pay attention to drainage, continuous rain or heavy rain, otherwise due to soil waterlogging lead to root rot. In the early winter can be poured again frozen water, in order to increase the cold resistance of plants in winter.

2. Fertilizeing care when growing Prunus Blireiana

Prunus Blireiana likes fertilizer. When growing, organic manure such as decayed chicken and duck dung, pigeon dung or other barnyard manure can be used as the base fertilizer. During the flower bud differentiation period from June to August, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer could be applied to promote flower bud differentiation. Autumn or early winter can open the ditch fertilizer or decayed leaf fertilizer, to improve the soil, increase fertility, after the application of attention to pouring a permeable, in order to facilitate the absorption of the plant.

3. Pruning care when growing Prunus Blireiana

Prunus blireiana is resistant to pruning. Most trees are naturally open-heart shaped. Every year in winter, pruning and shaping are carried out to cut off useless branches, cross branches and long branches, and cut the over-long branches short to maintain the beautiful tree shape. Pruning is carried out again after spring flower, cut senile branch short, leave base ministry only 3 to 4 bud, in order to make germination new branch. When a new branch grows 40 cm or so, the heart should be picked, in order to control branch growth, promote axillary bud full.

4. Prunus Blireiana care for growing in the pot

4. Potted planting prunus blireiana should be large, usually in spring or late autumn on the pot, the potting soil should be fertile and loose, good drainage can be used leaf rot soil 2, 3 parts of loam soil mixed preparation, and mixed with an appropriate amount of cake fertilizer and other organic fertilizer as a base fertilizer. Usually placed in the sunny place maintenance, winter should be placed in the outdoor shelter to the sun or cold indoor winter. In the growing season watering to do "not dry not watering, watering is thorough", avoid basin soil water, so as not to cause root rot. In the growth period every half a month to apply a ripe rarefied liquid fertilizer, flower bud differentiation period to increase the amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, in order to form more flower buds, so that the next year more flowering.

Prunus Blireiana

5. Prunus Blireiana care for diseases and pest control

Disease control

Among the common problems and solutions of Prunus Blireiana, diseases are the most common. If the maintenance is not well ventilated, it is easy to suffer from leaf spot disease, which will make the leaves appear pathological changes. The main spraying is chlorothalonil and other bactericidal agents, spraying every 10 days or so, and strengthening the management of water and fertilizer at the same time.

Pest control

In the process of growing Prunus Blireiana in summer, Prunus blireiana is often attacked by insect pests, such as red spiders and aphids, which are relatively harmful to the plants. If not treated in time, the leaves will dry up and fall off. It is necessary to spray insecticides such as dichvos at the early stage of the disease.

6. Prunus Blireiana overwintering care

Prunus blireiana needs to prune and destroy the disinfected and dead branches on the tree trunk in winter to avoid the residue of eggs. Although Prunus blireiana has a certain cold tolerance, it still needs to be kept warm when it is bred in the north.

7. Prunus Blireiana care for growing in summer

When growing Prunus Blireiana in summer, we must pay attention to sun shading and sun protection, not to give too strong light, especially the influence of high-temperature water evaporation is fast, at this time, we need to increase the number of watering. Watering time should avoid noon, and we can choose the cool morning or evening watering.

Prunus Blireiana