How to grow and care for Princess tree

Written by Maggie

Jan 20 2021

How to grow and care for Princess tree

Princess tree is a kind of woody plant, which is cultivated and distributed in many places in China. When a Princess tree is young, it grows rapidly, has strong germination ability and likes light. It is generally used as a garden afforestation tree. So, how to grow a Princess tree? How to care for Princess trees when we grow them? Let's see together.

grow and care for Princess tree

Steps to grow Princess tree

1. Selection of Species

Princess tree is actually the general name of the genus Princess tree. There are 9 species in the genus, and the species suitable for growing in the south are Princess Whitefloor or the hybrid species with Princess Whitefloor as the parent. Six princess tree clones were bred by Fuzhou Forestry Research Institute of Jiangxi Province. They grew rapidly, were straight in dry form, were tall in trunk under branches, and had strong adaptability. They were excellent lines suitable for popularization in the south of the Yangtze River.

2. Seedling

Seedling to optional sunlight, predominantly silty loam or loam soil, high 15 ~ 20 cm high ridge seedbed, choose 1 ~ 2 years seedlings, buried root, for good, buried root plant row spacing to 1 m * 0.8 m or 1 m * 1 m advisable, sufficient basal, exuberant growth period in June to August, topdressing quick-acting chemicals to promote its rapid growth. 

3. Afforestation 

Afforestation along the four sides requires digging holes and applying sufficient base fertilizer. Afforestation in mountainous areas requires preparation of strip terraced fields, and the thickness of loose soil layer should be 50-70 cm, and sufficient base fertilizer should be applied to achieve the purpose of rapid growth of afforestation in the same year. Forest-dominated afforestation density is 5 m ×5 m, 26 plants per 667 square meters (1 acre); The afforestation density with equal emphasis on forest and grain was 5 m ×10 m, and 13 plants were planted every 667 m2. The density of grain-based afforestation was 4 m ×30 m, and 6 plants were planted per hectare.

Princess trees care

Temperature care for growing grow Princess trees

Princess trees prefer warm growing environments, which are highly drought-resistant and cold-resistant. Generally, they can grow normally between minus 25 degrees Celsius and above zero 35 degrees Celsius. In winter, the temperature should be controlled above minus 25 degrees Celsius to avoid frostbite.

Watering care for growing grow Princess trees

During the growth of seedlings must maintain sufficient water, spring and autumn every three to five days to water. In the summer high temperature season it can be watered once a day, and the number of winter watering can be reduced.

grow and care for Princess tree

Light care for growing grow Princess trees

Princess tree has a high demand for heat, and sufficient light enables it to grow rapidly. Even if the temperature reaches 35 degrees in summer, it will not be affected. Therefore, it should also be provided with some light in winter, and the sunny side should be selected when planting.

Fertilizing care for growing grow Princess trees

In the process of seedling growth to timely fertilization, seedling fertilization method can be used to irrigate water, adult seedlings can point nitrogen fertilizer. Apply fertilizer once a month.

Trimming care for growing grow Princess trees

Princess trees do not need to be pruned during their growth period. Only mature plants that are five to six years old need pruning. The pruning time is in early spring, so you can cut the plant type you like.

Princess trees care for disease prevention

The most common form of the disease is bush disease, which tends to cause slow growth and prompt pruning of branches at the onset of disease.

Princess trees care for insect pests prevention

Mole cricket often has gnaw bite sapling at night, discovering this kind of phenomenon can use the solution of trichon to prevent.

grow and care for Princess tree