How to grow and care for Green Columbines

Written by Maggie

Jan 18 2021

How to grow and care for Green Columbines

In the process of growing Green Columbines, it is best to change the basin soil once every year. In the summer,avoid the high temperature environment, control temperature about 18 ℃ to 28 ℃. In the winter, put it at home in advance. In the spring and summer, pour some more water, apply once a month thin fertilizer under phosphorus. The following are growing Green Columbines care.

growing Green Columbines care

1. Soil replacing care for growing Green Columbines

Soil changing is a necessary condition for growing Green Columbines. In the process of Green Columbine growth, it is best to change pots once a year. At this time, soil should be remixed, which is mainly moist and loose and permeable soil rich in humus.

2. Maintaining environment care for growing

Green Columbines is strong by nature, but it has poor cold tolerance, so it will grow quickly in a warm environment. In summer, it should avoid a high temperature environment. When the temperature is higher than 32℃, it should be placed in a cool place, and it is best to control the temperature between 18℃ and 28℃.

3. Watering care for growing Green Columbines

In the spring and summer season, pour some water, because the temperature is higher at this time, water evaporates fast, we often need to keep the soil moist to ensure the normal growth of the root system of Green Columbines. In the autumn, gradually reduce watering. In winter, Green Columbines do not need water.

4. Fertilizing care for growing Green Columbines

When we grow Green Columbines in the pot, we need to apply enough base fertilizer, mainly to decomposed compost or organic fertilizer. During the growth period, if the Green Columbines grow well, we need to apply once a month of thin phosphate and potassium fertilizer. It is best not to apply nitrogen fertilizer, and in winter fertilizer can not be used.

growing Green Columbines care