How to grow and care for Garden Tulip

Written by Maggie

Jan 19 2021

How to grow and care for Garden Tulip

Garden Tulip is a perennial bulbous flower of Tulip genus in Liliaceae. Because of its elegant appearance, pure design and color and loved by people, it is an important garden ornamental flower in early spring. Today, we will introduce tips to grow Garden Tulip and care for Garden Tulip.

grow and care for Garden Tulip

Steps to grow Garden Tulip

Prepare Materials

1, flower pot

2, carbendazim

3, birdbath

4, slow release fertilizer, bone meal and other fertilizers

5, a shovel

6, Garden tulip

7, bowl stone: ceramsite, small stones

8, planting soil: peat + perlite, peat + coconut bran + perlite, peat + deer marsh soil + perlite (free choice, good water permeability)

Preparation for growing Garden tulip

1. Peel off the outer skin of Garden tulip before planting, especially near the root plate, otherwise it will affect the root growth;

2. Soak the balls with carbendazim. Before growing 1000 times the dilution of carbendazim water solution soak, can prevent the ball mildew rotten ball.

3. After soaking for 30 minutes, remove the Garden Tulip balls from the carbendazim solution and dry them completely in a cool and ventilated place or wipe them off with paper towels for a while.

(Carbendazim mixed with blister balls is a necessary step, otherwise the balls are easy to mold)

Garden tulip growing process

Planting balls is easier than planting flowers. Do the first two steps well and the rest is easy ~

The first step: basin bottom put pot bottom stone

Step 2: Fill in the earth

Step 3: Add fertilizer

(The effect of different types of Oru slow-release fertilizer can be used for bulb root with general type)

Step 4: Lay a thin layer of soil on the fertilizer layer to avoid direct contact between the bulbs and the fertilizer

Step 5: Place the bulb

It is recommended to plant Garden Tulip 3, 5, 7, 9 in a pot with a single ball, 5~7 balls per gallon, or plant with balls spaced 3CM apart. If you want it to look good, you must plant it closely.

(Less seam between ball and ball)

(Garden tulip planting effect is good, it is recommended to have more balls in one pot)

Step 6: Cover with soil

In theory, the growing depth of the ball should be two times the volume of the ball, but taking into account the novice for watering and soil grasp is not accurate enough, cover the soil can choose just buried the ball.

Taking into account the weather and other factors, non-novices are still advised to plant deeply.

(Example of growing proportion in 18CM high pot)

Step 7: Water

Remember to water after growing.

grow and care for Garden Tulip

Care for growing Garden tulip

Soil care for growing Garden tulip

Garden tulip requires fertile, loose, breathable, drained soil and slightly acidic soil. The choice of soil is a mixture of peat soil, attached map and sand soil.

Light care for growing Garden tulip

Garden tulip likes sunshine and a warm whole environment, so lack of light will lead to poor growth of Garden tulip plants, resulting in weak growth, lighter leaf color, and greatly shortening the flowering period of Garden tulip.

However, the Garden tulip needs to be shaded properly when it has been in the pot for more than half a month, so that the bulbs can grow new roots. During germination, flower buds will be affected by light, so appropriate shading is needed, which is conducive to the growth of flower buds and prevents excessive nutrition in the early stage, resulting in barren growth.

The late emergence of seedlings should strengthen the light, promote the growth of the plant, when the bud is completely colored, and prevent sunlight exposure, prolonging the flowering time.

The temperature care for growing Garden tulip

Garden tulip likes to grow in warm climates. It is cool in the west in summer and the suitable growth temperature is about 9-13℃. It is cold-resistant and can withstand the high intensity and low temperature of -35℃ in winter.

Watering care for growing Garden tulip

Garden tulip should be properly watered after planting, which is conducive to rooting and germinating. Water can be sprayed on the leaf surface appropriately to increase the surrounding humidity, and water can be properly controlled after flowering.

Fertilizing care for growing Garden tulip

Garden Tulip does not require high fertilizer, but it should add some nitrogen fertilizer appropriately. When the root system is well developed, calcium nitrate can be applied, and the interval of each fertilization should be about 1 week.

Garden tulip care for diseases and insect pests control

Garden tulip is often affected by many insect pests, such as stem rot, soft rot, coloration, cataplash, aphid and so on. The incident needs to pay more attention to observation, strengthen soil disinfection, destroy the diseased plants as soon as possible, keep the indoor ventilation well, and spray insecticides for prevention and control at appropriate time.

grow and care for Garden Tulip