How to Grow and Care for Chocolate Soldier Plant

Written by Maggie

Nov 08 2021

How to Grow and Care for Chocolate Soldier Plant

Chocolate Soldier is a common variety of succulents. It has a special shape and is a good treat to watch. A lot of people want to buy Chocolate Soldier and grow it at home, but they don't know how to grow and care for it. Now let's look at the growing chocolate soldier care.

Light care for chocolate soldier plant

Chocolate Soldier plant needs a full sun and cool, dry environment, resistance to semi-shade, fear of waterlogging, and avoiding hot and humid weather. It has the habit of growing in the cold season and dormant in high temperature in summer. Every year from autumn to summer of the next year is the growing season of the plant (the environment of flower friends is different, the growing season also has length). When we grow and care for chocolate soldiers, if the light is not enough, the plant is easy to grow unevenly, and the distance between the leaves will be longer, making the plant type loose, the stem will become very fragile, the leaves will be elongated, and the color will become pale. Chocolate Soldier, on the other hand, does not grow too slowly. A plant that grows in full sunlight is short and stout, with a relatively compact arrangement of leaves.

Soil care for chocolate soldier plant

When we grow and care for chocolate soldiers, keep the soil slightly wet during the growing period to avoid water accumulation. The soil is used as a coal cinder mixed with peat and a small amount of perlite in a ratio of about 6:3:1. Chocolate Soldier can withstand minus 2 ° C when the soil is dry, indoors, not outdoors. The whole winter basic water, 5 degrees below will begin to slowly cut off water.

Watering care for chocolate soldier plant

When the summer temperature exceeded 35℃, the whole plant growth basically stopped. When we grow and care for chocolate soldier plants, we should reduce watering to prevent root rot caused by excessive moisture of basin soil. And strengthen ventilated, appropriate shade, avoid the strong sunlight, the whole summer such basic maintenance, is worthy of that summer.

chocolate soldier care

Repotting care for chocolate soldier plant

Chocolate Soldier grows very fast and can be repotted every year or two. When we grow and care for chocolate soldier plant, repot time is in early spring. Chocolate Soldier is mainly propagated by dividing and cutting. Chocolate Soldier likes cool, avoid hot and humid, sleep in summer, the rest of the time to live for a long time, Chocolate Soldier likes light, light is not easy to grow.

Chocolate soldier pest and disease control 

1. Chocolate Soldier diseases are mainly caused by wilt disease and leaf spot disease. The disease of Chocolate Soldier is mainly related to daily maintenance. Excessive watering and improper fertilization and lack of light are the causes of the disease. The main method of Chocolate Soldier disease is prevention. When we grow and care for chocolate soldier plant, we should pay attention to correct operation and try our best to prevent and control it.Once the lesion occurs, spray with 50% gram of cengdan 800 times solution for treatment.

2. Insects include scale insects, whitefly and red spider. Some pests prefer calm, warm, wet weather. Scale insects and mealworms do, but chocolate soldiers prefer drier weather. When we grow and care for chocolate soldiers, as soon as the traces of pests are found, the pesticide will be sprayed.40% oxidized dimethoate emulsion can be used to spray 1000 times liquid to kill pests. We can also make plant pesticides, such as garlic water, pepper water, tobacco water and so on. These homemade botanical pesticides are pollution-free, simple to produce and low cost.

chocolate soldier care