How to grow and care for California Poppy

Written by Maggie

Jan 22 2021

How to grow and care for California Poppy

California poppy is a relatively common flower plant. Its flowers are generally orange and white, very beautiful and generous, with high ornamental value. Many flower lovers like California Poppy so much that they grow them into potted plants to decorate their homes. So do you know how to grow California Poppy and how to care for California Poppy? The following are steps to grow California Poppy and California Poppy care.

grow and care for California Poppy

How to grow a California Poppy

1. When we grow California Poppy, apply some basic fertilizer on the prepared cultivated soil to provide a certain nutritional supplement, and then add a small amount of rotten flowers and leaves to ensure a certain humus content.

2. Prepare a suitable size flowerpot, the specific size can be determined according to their own weight.

3. Disinfect the pot by completely immersing it in disinfectant for at least 30 minutes. Remove the pot and rinse it with pure water at least three times to ensure no disinfectant remains.

4. After that, put it in a windy place to dry. At this time, it is necessary to avoid some dirt touching the inside of the flowerpot, causing secondary pollution.

5. Put the sterile cultivated soil into the flowerpot, do not put it too full, so that the volume of cultivated soil accounts for about 80% of the flowerpot volume.

6. Use a shovel to smooth the soil surface. Be careful not to press the soil surface hard, gently shoveling.

7. Scatter the prepared seeds evenly on the soil surface, paying attention to the action can not be too hard, it is best to take gently. This ensures that the seed will not be damaged during movement and that it has good conditions for germination.

8. At this time pay attention to the seeds to be uniform, not a piece of more than a little. In this way, each seed can be guaranteed to have enough space to grow, and it will not be difficult to sprout due to lack of resources. Secondly, it can be guaranteed that the adult plants are evenly distributed, and the ornamental value of the whole plant will not be affected.

9. Finally, cover it with a layer of cultivation soil of 1~3cm, and pour the cultivation soil with a kettle until it is wet. Then the planting is finished.

grow and care for California Poppy

Growing California Poppy care

1.Humidity care for growing California Poppy

California Poppy likes the dry air environment, overcast and rainy too long, easy to be infected by germs. When we grow and care for California Poppy, avoid rain and keep the leaves dry at night. The optimum air relative humidity is 40 ~ 60%.

2. Temperature and light care for growing California Poppy

Temperature: California Poppy likes cold and cool weather, avoids heat, and resists frost and cold. The winter temperature requirements are not very strict, as long as not subjected to frost can be quite overwintering; When we grow and care for California Poppy in late spring and early summer, the temperature is above 30℃, and the most suitable growth temperature is 15 ~ 25℃.

Illumination: in late autumn, winter, early spring three seasons, because the temperature is not very high, it is necessary to give it direct sunlight, in order to facilitate its photosynthesis and the formation of flower buds, flowering, fruiting. If you have hot weather in summer, you need to block about 50% of the sun.

3. Water and fertilizer care for growing California Poppy

Watering: California Poppy's watering principle is: not watering, watering thoroughly. When watering, take care to keep the leaves and flowers dry and away from water.

Fertilizer: apply 1 times a month of decrepit thin cake fertilizer water, make the plant grow well. Do not partial application of nitrogen fertilizer, easy to cause plants to grow unproductive. When we grow and care for California Poppy, plant nutrition should be guaranteed to be complete, phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen fertilizer amounts less repeatedly applied.

4. California Poppy care for propagation

California Poppy can be propagated in two ways: seeding and cutting. Sowing can be carried out in the spring and autumn, cutting generally combined with heart.

grow and care for California Poppy