How to care for Pocketbook flowers

Written by Maggie

Jan 15 2021

How to care for Pocketbook flowers

How to care for the Pocketbook flower? To prepare the flower friends of the Pocketbook flower, you can first understand the growth requirements of the Pocketbook flower. The following are 7 tips for Pocketbook flowers care.

Pocketbook flower

1. Soil care

The requirements for the soil of pocketbook flower are that the soil planted should be loose and sandy loam with good air permeability and smooth drainage and humus. In addition, a small amount of bone meal can be added as the base fertilizer, and the soil should be subjected to high-temperature disinfection before use.

2. Lighting care

Pocketbook flowers like sufficient sunlight, but they are afraid of direct sunlight. Generally, the sunlight is too strong at noon in summer, so they need to be shaded appropriately. In addition, the environment should be well ventilated in summer, otherwise it is easy to cause cataquy disease.

Increasing the amount of light usually causes a Pocketbook flower to bloom earlier, so add 3 hours of light a day starting in November and you'll have flowers by the end of the next year.

If it is cultivated in a greenhouse, it needs to shade 30% before October, no shade from October to the following March, and after March, shade 50% or so during the flowering period.

3. Watering care

If the soil is too dry, it will make Pocketbook poor flower growth, at the same time to do a good job in drainage. Because the basin soil is too wet and easy to cause root rot, water should not be stained leaves. Because the leaves have hair, rotten leaves, watering to dry , see wet, can often sprinkle water around the pot, so that the air humidity is maintained at more than 80%. But pay attention to the flowering period and can not spray on the flowers, so as not to affect the seed. 

4. Temperature care

The suitable temperature for the growth of pocketbook flowers is about 15℃, and when the temperature is higher than 20℃, it will affect the growth, buds and flowering. If the temperature can be lowered to about 10℃ during flowering, the flowering period can be prolonged. However, the temperature at night and overwintering during the growing period should not be lower than 10℃.

5. Fertilizing care

Pocketbook flower likes fertilizer, but fertilization should not be too thick. Generally in Pocketbook flower growth, every half a month with a thin retting cooked cake fertilizer water or hoof horn piece liquid fertilizer. Do not stain the leaves with fat water, can make the flowers and leaves, such as the discovery of long stems and leaves phenomenon, and we should immediately stop fertilization.

When changing pots for Pocketbook flowers, an appropriate amount of decomposed fertilizer can be added to the culture soil, and 1% calcium superphosphate solution can be added twice when the scape appears to make the flower color more bright.

Pocketbook flower

6. Pocketbook flower care for pest control

Pocketbook flowers are prone to diseases and insect pests, so measures should be taken in the planting. Seedling stage is prone to broken down disease, soil disinfection should be carried out, the sick plant should be removed, or the pot soil should be slightly dry. When the air is too dry, the temperature is too high, prone to red spider, aphids, etc., can be sprayed to increase the air humidity or reduce the temperature.

7. Pocketbook flower care in winter

When we care for Pocketbook flowers in the winter, don't put in the shade maintenance. If there is a lack of light in the winter, the plant will easily frostbite, also don't open cultivation in winter low temperature, and it can be put in sunny indoor environment maintenance. In winter there should not be a large number of watering fertilizers, or it will affect plant growth, although the Pocketbook flower every year to turn basin in soil, but in the winter breeding taboo, don't turn basin in soil in winter. The following are details of Pocketbook flower care in winter. 

1. Light care

Pocketbook flowers blossom with the help of sunshine. If there is no light in the growth process, it will easily make the plant grow unfertilized, and it will also affect its flowering. Especially in winter, the lack of light will easily cause frostbite to the plant, and even kill the plant.

2. Open air farming

In fact, Pocketbook flower is not strong in cold resistance. In general, in the taboo of Pocketbook flower cultivation in winter. If it is placed in the open air, especially in the northern winter, it is easy to frostbite and freeze to death. Pocketbook flower is better placed indoors in a sunny place in winter, and its temperature is controlled above 5℃ for maintenance.

3. Watering and fertilizing care

Normally, Pocketbook flowers like moist soil and need to be heavily fertilized. However, in the dormant period in winter, if you water and fertilize them in large quantities, it is easy for Pocketbook flowers to grow unfertilized and even wither and die. Do not fertilize them in winter and keep the soil slightly wet.

4. Turn the pot and change the soil

Pocketbook flower needs to be potted and replaced with soil every year in the breeding process, otherwise it will affect the growth of the plant, but be careful not to potted and replaced with soil in winter, otherwise its roots will be difficult to adapt to the new potted soil, and it is easy to frostbite the roots of the plant. Generally, potted and replaced with soil in the spring when the temperature is gradually rising.

Pocketbook flower