How Often to Water Dracaena Marginata?

Written by Ivy

May 13 2022

How Often to Water Dracaena Marginata?
If we want to water Dracaena Marginata, we can do it every 5-7 days. When watering, we should keep the soil slightly moist, because Dracaena Marginata doesn't like the humid environment. When promoting Dracaena Marginata, we need to put the plant in a sunny place to let Dracaena Marginata photosynthesis, so as to avoid the phenomenon of plant overgrowth.

Signs You Might Be Overwatering Your Dracaena Marginata

  • Drooping Leaves
  • Yellowing Leaves
  • Stunted or Slow Growth
  • A Soft Trunk or Branches
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Signs You Might Be Underwatering Your Dracaena Marginata

Tips On Dracaena Marginata Watering

When taking care of Dracaena Marginata, we should know that Dracaena marginata is a tropical plant with certain drought tolerance. We don't need to water too often during maintenance, otherwise it is easy to cause root rot. After pouring water once, it is usually poured again after an interval of ten days. Of course, the watering of Dracaena marginata is not fixed. Before watering, observe the dryness of basin soil. If it is too dry, replenish a small amount of water. If it is wet, stop watering. In addition, pay attention to winter. At this time, Dracaena marginata will stop growing and hardly need water. Keeping dry is more conducive to winter.

How Often to Water Dracaena Marginata?

If we want to water Dracaena marginata, we'd better water the plant every 5-7 days, because during this time, Dracaena marginata can absorb all the water in the soil. When watering the plant, just keep the soil slightly moist, because Dracaena marginata doesn't like the humid environment. If there is water in the soil, the plant is prone to rotten roots. (Read more about the best soil for Dracaena Marginata.)

Water Dracaena Marginata In Spring and Autumn

Dracaena marginata is a tropical plant, which has certain drought tolerance. It doesn't need to be watered too frequently during breeding. Frequent watering is unfavorable to growth, and even retting and rotten roots. Spring and autumn is its growing season. It is usually watered once every 7-10 days. Each watering should be thoroughly watered, and half cut-off water is not allowed. The root system at the bottom must also absorb water, so as to promote vigorous growth. As the temperature decreases in late autumn, the water demand of Dracaena marginata decreases. The irrigation frequency needs to be adjusted according to the actual temperature and actual growth.

Water Dracaena Marginata In Summer

Summer is the peak growth season of Dracaena marginata. At this time, the temperature is also very high and the water evaporates quickly. Therefore, the watering frequency must be increased in this season. Watering is usually required every 2-3 days. Generally, watering can be carried out when the soil on the surface is dry, but there must be no ponding in the soil, otherwise it will Rett roots. In some areas, there is a lot of rain in summer. If it is maintained outdoors for a long time and exposed to rain for a long time, it is necessary to reduce the number of watering. In case of continuous rainy days, the ponding in the basin soil needs to be drained in time. If the area has less rain and dry climate, it not only needs watering, but also needs to spray water frequently to improve the humidity.

Water Dracaena Marginata In Winter

Dracaena marginata likes warm environment with limited cold resistance. When the temperature becomes lower in winter, the growth rate of Dracaena marginata will stop, the root activity is poor, and the demand for water will be reduced. It is necessary to reduce watering each other. It is usually watered every 15 days or so, or even longer. If there is heating in the room and the climate is too dry, you can often spray water to improve the humidity, or put a basin of clean water around Dracaena marginata to ensure a certain humidity.

Choosing the Proper Water

During the management period, in addition to the watering method, we should also pay attention to the choice of water. It is best not to water tap water. Because it contains a lot of chlorine, it will affect the growth and make the leaves of Dracaena marginata turn yellow and fall off. It can be watered with rice washing water or well water, which can promote growth. If there is only tap water, dry it for two days before watering, and then use it after the chlorine volatilizes.