Is Dracaena Marginata Toxic to Cats?

Written by Ivy

May 11 2022

Is Dracaena Marginata Toxic to Cats?
Dracaena Marginata has a good meaning. It is mostly called the longevity of plants, which means health and longevity. But Dracaena Marginata contains saponins which may cause drooling, vowing, weakness, incoordination, and delimited pupils (CATS) when estested Therefore, we do not recommend that you put Dracaena Marginata in the bedroom or where it is easy to be scratched by cats, so as to prevent cats from touching the juice of the plant and causing allergies.

Is Dracaena Marginata Toxic?

The first thing to explain is that Dracaena Marginata is a poisonous plant and toxic to cats. However, when taking care of Dracaena Marginata, we will not emit toxic smell, and there is no toxicity on the leaf surface. Its toxicity is reflected in the juice. Therefore, if there are families feeding cats or children, they should not put it where they will touch to avoid harm caused by accidental eating. In addition, we'd better bring protective tools when changing pots for Dracaena marginata management, and we'd better not directly contact the juice.

Is Dracaena Marginata Toxic to Cats?

Dracaena Marginata will not emit toxicity during growth and development, and there is no toxicity on the surface of ordinary leaves, but the juice contained in the plant will have certain toxicity. If there are breeding cats at home, it is recommended to keep pets away. Once a cat eats a lot of Dracaena Marginata leaves by mistake, it is easy to have difficulty breathing and even shock.

Is Dracaena Marginata Suitable for Home Planting?

Dracaena Marginata is poisonous, but it is very suitable for maintenance at home. Not only because it is highly ornamental, but also because it has a good feng shui meaning. For the sake of safety, we'd better place Dracaena Marginata in the living room, balcony and other places with good air circulation. It is not recommended to put it in the bedroom, because the juice of Dracaena Marginata will cause allergic reactions of some allergic people. Dracaena Marginata represents hope and the moral of hope. Maintenance can be placed next to the door, living room or balcony. It likes light and should be given enough sunlight during maintenance, but it should be shaded in summer to avoid sunburn of leaves by strong light. Usually, it is necessary to provide a growth temperature of 20 degrees to 28 degrees, which is not cold resistant. In winter, it is necessary to put it indoors and pay attention to temperature control. It is best to maintain it above 15 degrees, and the growth will be better in a suitable environment. (Read More about Dracaena Marginata light requirement.)