Why Is My Dracaena Marginata Drooping?

Written by Ivy

May 06 2022

Why Is My Dracaena Marginata Drooping?
The reason for Dracaena marginata drooping may be related to watering, diseases and pests, sunlight, temperature and other factors. If Dracaena marginata lacks enough nutrients in the growth process, some parts of Dracaena marginata will be stunted, the color of new leaves will fade from uniform dark green to yellow, the plant growth speed will slow down, the old leaves will fade from green to bronze or orange, and even the leaves will curl, but the petiole will still grow normally. With the aggravation of nutrient deficiency, the whole crown will fade, the plant growth will be blocked, and the leaves will even die. Another reason for Dracaena marginata drooping is caused by the leaf blight of Dracaena marginata. Dracaena marginata leaf blight is a common disease caused by fungal infection, which has a great impact on the growth of Dracaena marginata. The light one will dry the leaves, and the heavy one will lead to the death of the whole plant.

Watering Issues

Dracaena marginata likes a high humidity growth environment and needs to maintain sufficient water during taking care of Dracaena Marginata. If the water is insufficient, Dracaena marginata will have yellow leaves due to drought and Dracaena marginata drooping. At this time, we should replenish water in time, but do not water too frequently, otherwise it will cause ponding, rot the roots of Dracaena marginata, and finally lead to yellow leaves.


If the plant is invaded and eaten by pest, it will affect the health of the plant, and dracaena marginata drooping will occur. In order to solve the pest problem of the plant, we need to find out which part of the plant is infected with pests. If the branches and leaves of the plant are infected, we need to remove the pests. If the soil is infected with pests, we need to replace the insect free soil.

Sunlight Issues

Dracaena marginata likes sunshine. During the maintenance period, it needs to keep sufficient light, but do not expose it to strong sunlight, especially in summer. If exposed to the sun, the leaves of Dracaena marginata will be sunburned, resulting in draaena marginata drooping. At this time, we should timely transfer Dracaena marginata to a cool and ventilated environment, And spray water to help it recover.

Temperature Issues

Dracaena marginata likes a high-temperature growth environment. It's best to keep the temperature between 20 ℃ and 30 ℃ during maintenance. Its cold resistance is very poor. When the temperature is lower than 13 ℃, it will stop growing. If the temperature is lower than 5 ℃, Dracaena marginata will be frostbitten, resulting in Dracaena marginata drooping. Therefore, we should keep the temperature well in winter to avoid frostbite.

Soil and Pot Issues

Dracaena marginata is suitable for cultivation in weak acid soil. If the soil does not conform to the growth habits of plants, it will lead to the planting of leaves. We can replace the soil that does not meet the needs of plant growth with acidic soil. We should detect the pH of the soil at regular intervals. Once it is found that it is not acidic, we should replace the soil.