Do Begonia Plants Like Humidity?

Written by Ivy

Dec 30 2021

Do Begonia Plants Like Humidity?
Begonias preper high humidity to thrive. Rex Begonia likes a warm, humid and well ventilated semi shade environment, and avoids drought, muggy and humidity. The suitable temperature for growth is 15 ℃ to 25 ℃. Under this condition, keep the basin soil moist. Don't water it after the basin soil is completely dry, otherwise it will have a fatal impact on Rex Begonia, but don't accumulate water in the basin soil for a long time to avoid root rot of Rex Begonia.

Humidity Demand During Growth Period of Begonia Plants

The growth of Begonia rex in the early stage requires high relative air humidity, which should be controlled at 80% - 85%. We can spray water on begonia rex or put the flower pot above the fish tank to prevent the leaf tip and leaf edge from scorching due to air drying, but the water droplets cannot stay on the leaves for a long time. Apply rotten thin liquid fertilizer or compound fertilizer once a half month. Pay attention to good ventilation in summer to avoid rainstorm and sun exposure. In winter, it shall be maintained in a bright indoor place, with less watering. The temperature shall not be lower than 10 ℃.
At noon, we should often sprinkle water on the ground to improve air humidity. If the weather is relatively dry, humidification in the greenhouse is necessary, but attention should be paid to ensure that the leaf surface is not stained with water droplets when the sun sets in the afternoon. Begonia rex humidity maintained at 70% - 80% can effectively control powdery mildew and gray mold. Pay attention to air circulation to prevent moisture from condensing into water on the blades. Keep the leaves dry at dusk. Water early in the morning to ensure that the leaves can dry by dusk.
Do Begonia Plants Like Humidity

Begonia Rex Winter Moisture

Like most tropical plants, Begonia rex likes high air humidity. If the room is dry, it needs to be increased appropriately, especially in winter. In winter, the indoor heating is usually dry, so we can take some measures to increase the indoor humidity and promote the growth of Begonia rex. We can turn on a humidifier around, or put Begonia rex on pebbles filled with water, which can be placed on a tray. You can install a hygrometer at home, check the relative humidity indoors in time, spray water around the room, maintain a certain air humidity, but avoid spraying flowers and leaves directly.

Begonia Rex Soil Moisture

Begonia rex still needs a large amount of water. In its daily maintenance, we must keep the soil with a relatively large humidity, but Rex Begonia is also afraid that there is water in the flower pot, which is easy to cause Rex Begonia rotten roots. Therefore, we must ensure that the soil is loose and earthy while watering. For the maintenance of Begonia rex, we can mix rotten leaf soil, peat soil and coarse river sand. The content of river sand shall not be less than 30%. When watering on this basis, we can water Begonia rex until the basin soil surface is dry.

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