How does the harden garden soil loose

Written by Maggie

Dec 03 2020

How does the harden garden soil loose

After watering for a long time, the soil will become firm and dry. After watering, loosen the soil with a small shovel to make the soil soft, but be careful not to damage the root system. Do not apply inorganic fertilizer only, but properly apply organic fertilizer, which can improve soil fertility, and make the soil become breathable. If the degree of consolidation of the garden soil is more serious, you can directly change the soil quality, in the garden soil mixed with some particles, such as vermiculite, red jade soil.

How does the harden garden soil loose

1. Loosen the soil in time

When garden soil is used for planting plants, the soil will become rigid, dry and hard after a long time of watering, and the absorption capacity will decrease, which will have a bad influence on the growth of plants. After watering, use a small spade to loosen the soil and make it soft to promote the absorption of water, but be careful not to damage the root system when loosening the soil, otherwise it will affect the subsequent growth and cause the opposite effect.

2. Apply organic fertilizer for soil

In the process of curing, long-term use of inorganic fertilizer will cause damage to the soil, which will reduce the soil fertility and cause the garden soil to become rigid. Organic fertilizer can be properly applied to the soil. There will be microbial decomposition of nutrients in the soil, improving the soil structure, which can not only improve the fertility of the soil, but also promote the soil to become breathable, garden soil can become loose, creating a suitable environment for growth.

How does the harden garden soil loose

3. Change the soil

If the degree of soil compaction is more serious, the previous method has been difficult to alleviate, you can directly replace the soil quality. Take the plant out of the pot, and then make a new soil. Mix some particles in the garden soil, such as vermiculite, red jade, perlite, etc., to increase the effect of ventilation.