8 flowers growing in spring

Written by Maggie

Jan 25 2021

8 flowers growing in spring

A year's plan is in the spring. Some flower friends do not know what is suitable for spring growing flowers. The following list of 8 flowers can be grown in spring.

8 flowers growing in spring

1. Growing sunflower in spring

The first recommendation is "sunflower", I contact it more, because when I was a child planted it more, there are yellow, red, pink, white, and with spots, they feel ecstatic to see them. Keep it in a sunny place and keep the soil moist. A flower can stay open for almost a day, so spend the day getting close to them.

2. Growing Chinese rose in spring

Planting "Chinese rose" - the king of flowers. chinese rose flowers have red, pink, orange and so on, also very lovely, round, a petal embrace together, fragrance charming! Chinese rose is suitable for a cool, warm, light, water suitable environment.

3. Growing Ghost-plant in spring

In the spring, the planting of "Ghost-plant" is also good. ghost-plant pieces of leaves, in turn around the circling, look very delicate, very beautiful. When it blossoms, it is more beautiful and moving. Ghost-plant flowers do not need too much water, like the sun, put in a sunny place, the flowers are easier to open.

4. Growing Fairy Primrose in spring

Planting "Fairy Primrose" is also a good choice. Fairy Primrose looks very beautiful, and there is a sense of brilliant, colorful, beautiful. Fairy Primrose is suitable for planting in humid, warm and cool climate, good drainage environment.

8 flowers growing in spring

5. Growing Butterfly flower in spring

Butterfly flowers are also a good way to add colorful, vibrant beauty. The color above the petals, constitute a lovely appearance, the whole looks like a butterfly. Butterfly flower is suitable for growing in good light, fertile soil, and a good drainage environment.

6. Growing Geraniums in spring

Plant a "geranium", the flower of the geranium looks like a tight embrace of beauty, giving a person a feeling of wanting to embrace it. The petals are white, pink, purple, red and so on. Geraniums like wet, warm, sunny places where the earth breathes well.

7. Growing Slipper flowers in spring

Slipper flowers have round petals and many colors. Some flowers have spots that look like stars. They look like very cute lotus flowers! Slipper flowers like a ventilated, moist, cool environment.

8. Growing Daisy in spring

Daisies have slightly semicircular flowers, upright flowers, look very energetic, flowers in red, white, yellow. Slipper flowers like moist, cool, fertile environments.

8 flowers growing in spring