6 flowers blossom in spring

Written by Maggie

Jan 25 2021

6 flowers blossom in spring

Spring is a season for revival, also a lot of flowers are in bloom. The main common with lilies, daffodils, azaleas, lilac, tulip, peach blossom, they bloom the most beautiful in the spring, as if the earth covered with a layer of colorful clothes, walk on the road can feel the vitality of the awaken of spring. The following are 6 flowers that bloom in spring.

 6 flowers that bloom in spring

1. Lilies bloom in spring

Lilies can not only be seen in the spring, but also can be eaten with the effect of embellish lung cough, because the ball of lilies with rich starch, lily is a perennial herb, perianth front slightly turned out, milky white, perianth tube deep light green, is a common plant in our life.

2. Daffodils bloom in spring

If you want to ask what flowers bloom in spring, daffodils are the best choice. Also known as Chinese daffodils, daffodils are the Orchidaceae perennial herb. Daffodils have a yellow petal core, the outside of the flower core has a bowl-like protective cover, long branches and leaves, flowering in the spring from March to May.

3. Azaleas bloom in spring

Azaleas flowering period is also in the spring. Its corolla is funnel-shaped, petals are red, pink, apricot red, white, etc., colorful and gorgeous, for the spring added vitality.

	  6 flowers blossom in spring

4. Lilac bloom in spring

Lilacs bloom in the spring. Most are used as ornamental flowers, but some species can be used to make aromatic oils. The calyx is small, some have pedicels, and some are not.

5. Tulips bloom in spring

Tulip is a perennial herb of the genus Tulip in the Liliaceae. Tulip flowers are single and terminal, large and showy, and the perianth is red or mixed with white and yellow, sometimes directly white or yellow. The flowering period is in the spring of each year.

6. Peach blossom bloom in spring

In a peach blossom bloom is commonly in the spring, generally in summer fruit ripe. Branchlets are reddish brown or brown, green. Petal color is general for white, pink, or red, double or single, double,. Peach blossom is China’s traditional garden flowers and trees, so we often see them in some parks or campus.

	  6 flowers blossom in spring