What Is The Best Soil For Philodendron Birkin?

Written by Ivy

Dec 15 2021

What Is The Best Soil For Philodendron Birkin?
Philodendron Birkin likes soft soil with good drainage and rich humus. We can mix rotten leaf soil, river sand and garden soil, which can basically meet the demand. Conditionally add an appropriate amount of base fertilizer to improve soil fertility. Pay attention to disinfection after preparation, and use it safely after disinfection.
We also need to ensure that Philodendron Birkin soil is clean, free of impurities, good air permeability, drainage, etc. Philodendron Birkin soil should be completely replaced after 2 ~ 3 years of use, so as to maintain the high-quality quality of Philodendron Birkin soil and maintain the growth of roots.
What Is The Best Soil For Philodendron Birki

Soil Selection Of Philodendron Birkin

For planting Philodendron Birkin, we need to use sandy loam as the culture substrate and use the soil rich in humus nutrition to make the culture substrate. If the conditions are limited, it can also be used for a period of time to mix and match vegetable Garden soil and rotten leaf soil. However, clay, alkaline soil and hardened soil cannot be used.

Soil Requirements Of Philodendron Birkin

For the cultivation of Philodendron Birkin, we need to ensure that the soil is clean, free of microorganisms, bacteria and insect eggs, and has good porosity, air permeability and drainage. In addition, we also need to add a certain amount of fertilizer before use in the pot to increase its soil fertility and help Philodendron Birkin grow and develop rapidly.
What Is The Best Soil For Philodendron Birki

Soil Replacement Of Philodendron Birkin

In addition to selecting high-quality cultivation soil at the beginning, we also need to replace Philodendron Birkin's Flower pot and soil every 2 ~ 3 years during the breeding process. The first is to ensure that the basin soil is clean and free from pests and diseases, and the second is loose soil, so that Philodendron Birkin can grow in better soil conditions.
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