Is Philodendron Birkin Rare?

Written by Ivy

Dec 01 2022

Is Philodendron Birkin Rare?
Philodendron Birkin is a unique, rare and low-maintenance indoor plant and this houseplant isn't always easy to find as it's a cult favorite of Aroid fans. Light yellow stripes are distributed on dark green leaves, and each leaf has a unique pattern. The lemon green stalk is strong and dense, which makes Philodendron Birkin unique and gorgeous.

What Is Philodendron Birkin Origin

Is Philodendron Birkin Rare
Philodendron Birkin is from central and South America. Philodendron Birkin is a variant, Its native variety is Philodendron Rojo Congo (it is the parent of Philodendron Birkin), that is, a leaf of Philodendron Rojo Congo has rare mutation, and many golden yellow stripes appear on the leaves. Several other plants isolated and bred from this leaf and its mother plant also completely retain slender white stripes.
Now the potted Philodendron Birkin we can buy on the market is propagated by tissue culture. Therefore, when we are maintaining Philodendron Birkin, some leaves suddenly grow into the shape of Philodendron Rojo Congo (emerald green leaves), and even the thin stripes on the leaves will have a rare atavism.

Are Philodendron Birkins rare?

Is Philodendron Birkin Rare
Philodendron Birkin is a rare variant of Philodendron Rojo Congo. Philodendron Birkin has some interesting features: the leaves of Philodendron Birkin will gradually grow into an oval shape. The top is slightly pointed, about 20 cm long.

Philodendron Birkin's leaf color is unstable. With plant growth, one or several leaves may be pure green, and some may look like its parent plant Philodendron Rojo Congo. At present, it is known that it will turn into almost all white leaves or leaves with a little pink.
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How Much is a Philodendron Birkin?

The philodendron Birkin comes from suppliers for less than $15.

What is Special About the Philodendron Birkin?

A rare, unstable mutation of the hybrid Philodendron Rojo Congo is the Philodendron Birkin. It sports unusual creamy white pinstripe variegation on the foliage. Large, uniform-colored leaves that turn burgundy-green as they mature are characteristic of the Rojo Congo.6

Is Philodendron Birkin a Hybrid?

Philodendron 'Birkin' is a relatively new hybrid in the aroid market, and a result of the Philodendron species like "Congo" and "Imperial green." It is a tiny, upright plant that thrives in enclosed spaces.

Is Philodendron Birkin Natural?

The tropical rainforests of Central and South America are the natural habitat of the Aroid, or Araceae, family, which includes the Philodendron Birkin. It's a hybrid that doesn't exist in the wild, but was cultivated for the white pinstriped variegation on the deep green, pointed oval leaves.