Propagation methods of Cockscomb

Written by Maggie

Jan 06 2021

Propagation methods of  Cockscomb

As for propagation methods of Cockscomb, it can be roughly divided into sowing propagation and cutting propagation. As long as the methods are correct, the survival rate is still very high. The following is a detailed explanation of propagation methods of Cockscomb.


Seed propagation method of Cockscomb

1. Preparation

When Cockscomb is propagatee by seeds, it's best to plant them in spring and autumn because the temperature is favorable and the chances of survival are better, but it's also best to plant loose, sandy soil that has better drainage and allows Cockscomb to absorb nutrients better.

2. Sowing method

Among Cockscomb Cockscomb propagation method, which are frequently used seed propagation on Cockscomb seeds sown when we first need to soak in cold water for a few days, then mixed with fine sand plant, after completion of the sow in seed after 2 cm of soil can be watering, watering a deep watering can, don't cause water.

3. Follow-up management

They germinate about 7-10 days after planting, and then they germinate and then they're ready for follow-up maintenance.


Cutting propagation method of Cockscomb

1. Preparation

Preparation of cutting propagation method of Cockscomb mainly choose the cuttings and soil. When choosing cuttings, choose the best growth robust branches without Plant Diseases and insect pests, the survival rate is high, also easy to take root. Before cutting, the leaves at the bottom of the branch should be trimmed off, which you should remember.

2. Cutting method

In the propagation method of Cockscomb, less people use cutting propagation, but the method of survival rate is very high, first of all. We can use the chopsticks in the soil of an eye, and then insert the branches. Generally it is ok to insert a third, after pressing soil with the hand, and in the water is ok,. Then let it stand for 15 to 20 days or so, then it can take root.