Do Polka Dot Plant Flowers Bloom

Written by LisaSmith

Dec 11 2021

Do Polka Dot Plant Flowers Bloom
Polka Dot Plant is a flowering herbaceous with variegated oval leaves. While a Polka Dot Plant infrequently blooms when grown indoors, it produces small purple attractive flowers in summer or early fall although overshadowed by the brilliantly colored and patterned foliage. 

Usually, the life span of the polka dot plant is typically completed within one year with the plant dying off after it has flowered. After the flowering, the plant usually goes dormant or dies. While short lifespan is a major disadvantage of these foliage plants, ease of propagation surely remedies the defect. In the spring, if it is in a place with scattered light, in addition to being able to bloom purple flowers, there will be a lot of small buds growing from the bottom of the main stem after the polka dot plant flowers wither, which can be used to propagate new plants from division. You can also propagate Polka Dot Plant from cuttings.

Can You Stop Polka Dot Plant from Flowering?
It’s generally difficult to stop your Polka Dot Plant from flowering. However, you can remove flowers once they emerge to prevent them from seeding and extend the plant life span. Because blooming will consume nutrition, the removal of polka dot plant flowers will encourage foliar growth.
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