How to Propagate Pygmy Water Lily

Written by Maggie

Oct 30 2021

How to Propagate Pygmy Water Lily

How to propagate Pygmy water-lily? Pygmy water-lily, similar in appearance to lotus, is an aquatic flower. It is often found by the lake in the park, and is also often potted at home. For everyday farming, you only need to know how to grow Pygmy Water-Lily, but it's just as important for an experienced farmer to know how to propagate Pygmy Water-Lily. So how do Pygmy Water-Lily propagate? Follow us to see.

Propagate Pygmy Water Lily from Cutting

① Cutting propagation time

In the cutting propagation method of Pygmy water-lily, the choice of time is very important. However, the cutting of pygmy water-lily should be selected in spring and autumn, when the growth is in the peak period.

② Cuttings selection for pygmy water-lily propagation

The cutting of flowers propagates, the most important is cuttings, had chosen the survival rate after affecting propagation directly. When choosing adventitious buds for Pygmy water-lily cutting propagation, flower friends should choose mature and robust leaves of Pygmy Water-Lily.

③ Prepare before inserting

Before Pygmy water-lily cutting propagation, flower friends also need to do some preparation. First of all, fill the pot with field soil or clay soil, and then pour through with water, and then apply a small amount of organic fertilizer.

④ start cutting propagation

Place the cuttings in the prepared pot and press the leaves upside down into the water, pressing the soil around them, with the adventitious buds pointing up and the leaves submerged in the water.

⑤ Post-cutting management

After finishing the above work, the cutting propagation of Pygmy Water-Lily is basically completed, and then the remaining maintenance is left. Pygmy Water-Lily likes bright light very much, so flower friends should grow it in a place where can get half a day or more sunshine, apply organic fertilizer once a year, and after two or three years, you can pruned the roots and change the soil.

propagate Pygmy water-lily

Propagate Pygmy Water Lily from Division

Apart from cuttings, Pygmy water-lily mainly propagates by division. According to different varieties of Pygmy Water-Lily, the planting time is different:

① Pygmy water-lily division propagation time

Cold-tolerant Pygmy water-lily was divided in 3-4 months before germination in early spring. Pygmy water-lily, which is not cold resistant, should be divided in warm climates, usually around mid-May.

② Pygmy water-lily division propagation method

When we carry out the Pygmy water-lily division propagation method, first, Pygmy Water-Lily digs out the rhizomes, selects the rhizomes with full new buds, and cuts them into 8-10cm long root segments, each segment with at least one bud. Then, place the top bud in the topsoil, facing up, so deep in the pot that the eyes are, preferably, level with the soil.

③ Maintenance management

After Pygmy water-lily division method division propagation, bask in the sun for a while before injecting shallow water, in order to help maintain the water temperature, but irrigation should not be too deep, otherwise it will affect germination. Deepen the water level as temperatures rise and new shoots start. Then put it in a well-ventilated, sunny place for maintenance. Caution: Keep basin water clean at high temperature.

Propagate Pygmy Water Lily from Seed

All the flowers with seeds can propagate by sowing, and Pygmy Water-Lily will also bear fruit after flowering, so the propagation method of Pygmy Water-Lily can also be used by sowing. Specific operation: After Pygmy Water-Lily seeds are harvested, they must be stored in water. Sowing propagation time of  Pygmy water-lily division method should be carried out in spring, the basin soil should be rich clay loam, the filling soil should not be too full, and it should be 5-6cm away from the mouth of the basin.

After sowing propagation of Pygmy water-lily, cover them with 1cm of soil, press them tightly and immerse them in water. The water level should be 3-4cm higher than the soil in the basin. After that, cover the basin with glass and place it in a warm, sunny place to raise the temperature inside the basin. Sowing temperature in 25-30℃ is appropriate, after half a month or so of germination, the second year can be flowering.

propagate Pygmy water-lily

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