How to propagate Pink rain lily

Written by Maggie

Sep 11 2021

How to propagate Pink rain lily

Pink rain lilies are very good flowers. Its flowers are very beautiful, and it is relatively easy to grow. It can play a good decorative effect when placed indoors, so how can the Pink Rain Lily propagate? Let's have a chat today.

Pink Rain Lily propagate

Sowing propagation method of Pink rain lily

First of all, let's talk about the sowing propagation method of Pink rain lily. Sowing propagation method is relatively simple. In the seed growth season, the phenomenon of natural sowing can be achieved after flowering. Specific practice is to seed symmetrical prepared in the sand, and also can be sprinkled on the seedling plate made of peat soil, then cover the top of the seed in a half centimeters of soil, keep the soil moist, wait for about half a month time will see seeds grow seedlings, the seedlings for sowing propagation were found to have five to six leaves, bulbs also got a certain degree of development, we can divide the pot planting.

Division propagation of Pink rain lily

Division propagation of pink rain lily method is relatively common, the general flower friends will operate. At the right temperature, a few stages of the year can be operated. We generally in the spring, so that is the best effect. When we apply division propagation, dig up the roots of the plants, three to five roots in a group, and then pour a certain amount of water to ensure the survival rate. During summer propagation, some leaves should be removed from plants with leaves, which reduces water evaporation, and when the root system is fully developed, new leaves can be grown quickly. As long as the proper planting methods are adopted, the pink rain lily will grow and mature quickly.

Bulb propagation method of Pink rain lily 

A lot of friends and all don't know how Pink rain lily propagates. Actually Pink rain lily can use bulbs propagation method, generally higher survival rate than seed bulbs. It contains rich nutrients, water, plants are particularly simple, Pink rain lily will grow every year a lot of stem, upper stem can be cut off, and then will it planted in the soil, keep the soil moist degree. Half a month later it will germinate. 

propagation method of Pink rain lily