How to propagate Orange day-lily

Written by Maggie

Sep 11 2021

How to propagate Orange day-lily

There are two main propagation methods of Orange day-lily: sowing and division. One of the more commonly used is sowing propagation. After the seeds are mature, harvest them and immediately plant them in loose, breathable soil. Water them to keep the soil slightly moist. It will sprout soon. The following are two propagation methods of Orange day-lily.

propagation methods of Orange day-lily.

Cuttage propagation method of Orange day-lily

1. Cutting propagation time

The cutting propagation time of Orange Day-Lily can be carried out throughout the year, mainly in the spring and autumn. The temperature and humidity environment around April in spring and October in autumn are more appropriate. After cutting propagation, the probability of rooting can be increased, and there is no need to worry about whether the temperature is appropriate.

2. Matrix selection for propagation

In the cuttage propagation method of Orange Day-Lily, the choice of substrate is also relatively important. Orange Day-Lily likes to grow in loose and matter-rich soil. The selected substrate can be prepared by the ratio of loose and peat perlite in 5:3, and some decayed cake fertilizer can be added to promote the growth of roots.

3. Cutting propagation processing

When applying cutting propagation of Orange Day-Lily, adventitious buds can be selected as cuttings, which can be soaked in root water for half an hour. After that, it can be cut into the prepared soil, watered to keep the soil moist, and placed in a cool environment. During the process of cutting propagation, if the pot soil is dry and cracked, water can be sprayed.

propagation methods of Orange day-lily.

4. Management after cutting propagation

After cutting propagation, Orange day-lily can be moved to the semi-sunshine environment, and then transplanted to the pot for planting after the plants grow roots. Phosphorus and potassium fertilizer can be applied after the end of the flowering period every year, which can promote the development of roots and promote the growth of buds and flowers of plants. Splitting can be carried out every 3 years.

Sowing propagation method of Orange day-lily

Sowing propagation is appropriate in autumn, generally sowing about 4 weeks after the emergence of seedlings. If immediately sown seeds in summer and autumn, it will grow seedling about 20 days. Sow seedlings and flowers after 2 years of cultivation.

Sowing propagation should be in autumn, winter seeds for sand treatment, sprout quickly and neatly after spring sowing propagation, seedlings generally bloom in 2 years. The summer can also use young flower buds for cuttings, cuttings in vermiculite, 1 month or so can take root, the next year can flower.

propagation methods of Orange day-lily.