How to grow tomato on the balcony

Written by Maggie

Nov 02 2021

How to grow tomato on the balcony

Growing vegetables on the balcony not only uses space already, but we can eat the delicious food that he grows. We all know that the balcony growing vegetables can also block the hot summer sun. It's great to eat fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables in summer. Today we will take you to grow tomatoes on the balcony.

1. Prepare the soil for growing tomato on the balcony

Place the prepared soil in the pot, 3 to 4 centimeters from the edge of the pot. Pour the water thoroughly, wait for the soil to dry slightly, sow.

grow tomato on the balcony

2. Soak the seeds

Before planting, soak the seeds in warm water of 50~55℃ for 10~12 hours. After taking them out, sow them directly in the pot. Sow a seed 10 to 15 cm. (Find more Winter Vegetables here.)

grow tomato on the balcony

3. Cover the soil for growing tomato on the balcony

After sowing, cover the surface with 0.5 cm of soil, cover it with a layer of plastic film, and untie the film after the seedlings grow.

4. Grow tomato seeds to the pot

When the tomato seedlings have three to four leaves, they are ready to pot. First wash the flowerpot, will be in the pot bottom hole blocked, and then into the sand. Dig out the seedlings, be careful not to hurt the root system, the roots of the seedlings to retain a small amount of soil, directly planted into the pot, the plant upright, then water, until the pothole water.

grow tomato on the balcony

5. Water the tomato seeds

Water tomatoes once when planting, water thoroughly, after 3~5 days water once. Control watering before the results, after the results to keep the pot soil moist.

6. Fertilize the tomato seeds

Pour fat water 10 days after the pot, and add the decayed chicken dung before flowering.

grow tomato on the balcony

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