How to grow Red Water Lily

Written by Maggie

Sep 11 2021

How to grow Red Water Lily

Red Water Lily is a common species in the family nymphaceae of rare flowers. Red Water Lily has round or nearly round green leaves and rosy Red colors. Red Water Lily has a large flower shape and is easy to grow, so it is planted in many places. So how to grow Red Water Lily? Today we are going to learn how to grow Red Water Lily.

Red Water Lily

1.To understand how to grow Red Water Lily, we first need to know the essentials of its purchase:

1. When purchasing Egyptian red water lily potted flowers, it is required that the plant should be strong. The plant shape is beautiful, the leaves should be luxuriant and round, the leaf surface is dark green, the back of the leaf is green with soft hairs, the edge of the leaf is wavy and dentate. No yellow leaves, no insect spots.

2. The water surface at the top of the existing pedicel is better.

3. When purchasing rhizomes, thick, fresh, rich, light brown and white roots are preferred.

The Egyptian Red Water Lily rhizosphere should be planted immediately or put in the Water temporarily. The plants planted in the tank should be placed in the place with sufficient sunlight and ventilation. In the process of Red Water Lily growth, the tank can not be short of water. When the leaves grow too dense, it is necessary to open the leaves in time, which is conducive to raising the water temperature and promoting the formation and flowering of flower bracts.

Plant Red Water Lily

Potted pots with a diameter of 50~60 cm and a depth of 25~40 cm should be used. Mix it with tang-mud and seasoned cake fertilizer, then add it into the tank, set aside a 5cm water layer, add water and mix the soil into a paste, and plant it after the water is clarified. Pool planting should choose the place with ventilation and sunshine, first drain the pool water, add the well-cooked cake fertilizer, turn the rake evenly and then pour the shallow water, 5~15 cm is advisable. After planting the seedlings, the water depth should be maintained 20~40 cm. Generally, it must be renewed every three years after planting.

Red Water Lily

Watering for Red Water Lily

When growing Red Water Lily, water is constantly changed and weeds, algae and duckweeds are used.

Fertilization for Red Water Lily

If Red Water Lily growth is not flourishing, you can use urea, potassium dihydrogen phosphate for topdressing.

Pruning Red Water Lily 

Leaves grow too dense, and appear to overlap. We should sparse leaves, and remove yellow leaves, diseased leaves and residual leaves, to achieve ventilation and light, conducive to bud formation and flowering. In winter, dig out the roots and store them in 10℃ wet sand, which can be overwintered.

Temperature for Red Water Lily

Red Water Lily is a perennial aquatic plant that grows well in lakes and ponds with plenty of light and moist soil. The suitable temperature for the growth of Red Water Lily is 18~24℃, which can not withstand cold and drought. When planting, the suitable temperature should be ensured to avoid summer exposure. Red Water Lily is not only beautiful in color, but also beautiful in meaning. You might as well plant one at home.

Red Water Lily