How to grow plantain lily

Written by Maggie

Sep 11 2021

How to grow plantain lily

How to grow Plantain lily? Plantain lily can grow from a seed. Generally, Plantain lily sows in spring or autumn. Then how to care for Plantain lily if its leaves are yellowing? Let's look together.

Plantain Lily

Steps to grow Plantain Lily from a seed

Sowing soil disinfection

The soil planted by plantain lily must be disinfected. Flower friends can crush the soil first, and then put it directly in the sun for a few days. In addition, they can also find an unused pot and fry the soil in the pot, which will generally kill any diseases and insects in the soil.

Sowing seeds to accelerate bud

Put the seeds of Plantain Lily into warm water and soak for 12 to 24 hours. Flower friends should pay attention to the immersion. Generally, the seeds of Plantain Lily can be pulled out when they absorb water and swell up.

Sowing (small seeds)

For some relatively small and difficult to pick up the seeds, flower friends can wet one end of the toothpick, the seeds one by one on the surface of the soil, the seeds to keep a 1 cm distance. Put a layer of soil over the seeds, about 1 centimeter, not too deep.

Then place the pot in water half the height of the pot. The water should not go over the seeds. Use a dip bowl to moisten the soil.

Sowing (large seeds)

For the seeds with large particles of Plantain Lily, florists can directly put the seeds into the soil at an interval of 2 to 3.Cm, cover the soil after sowing, the thickness is 2~3 times of the seed. Use spray or finer flowers to aperse soil wet, after a few days when basin soil is slightly dry drench water again, adhere to the principle of a few times. Watering, not too strong, so as not to seed out of the soil.

Management after sowing

If the Plantain lily is grown in autumn, it is easy to encounter cold waves. It is suggested that flower friends can wrap the flower pot with plastic film to keep heat and moisture.

When the Plantain lily seedlings are seen, open the film in time and let the seedlings bask in the sun before 9:30 in the morning or after 3:30 in the afternoon.

Seedlings can be properly selected after unearthed, the growth of unhealthy seedlings to pull out, to leave enough space for the remaining seedlings to grow.

When Plantain lily seedlings grow three or more leaves, flower friends can consider Plantain lily transplanting.

Plantain Lily

Plantain lily care for leaves yellowing

If the leaves of Plantain Lily turn yellow, the old soil of Plantain Lily can be replaced first, and then the previous unreasonable watering habit can be changed. The principle of frequent watering of small water should be adhering to, and shading should be done well so that it can be exposed to weak astigmatism. In the later stage, the frequency and amount of fertilization should be reduced, so that its leaves can gradually return to normal growth. The following are details of Plantain lily care for leaves yellowing.

1. Replace the soil

Plantain Lily has certain requirements on the soil for its survival. If the soil is impermeable and the permeability is poor, its leaves will turn yellow. It can replace its old soil and prepare a basin of loose soil, fertile rural soil with certain permeability, so as to allow its plants and leaves to grow normally.

2. Watering care

When caring for Plantain Lily, too much watering will make its roots rot and affect the normal growth of plant leaves, and too little watering will cause its leaves to turn yellow due to lack of water. Therefore, the watering method should be corrected. According to the watering principle of frequent watering with small amounts of water, the leaves of Plantain Lily will slowly return to life and turn from yellow to green.

3. Shading moderately

Plantain Lily is a kind of plant that likes a shade environment. Too strong sunlight will tan its leaves. Plantain Lily should be conserved in a place where it can be exposed to astigmatism, and in summer, it should be placed in a place where the shading is over 80%, because it only needs weak light to meet its needs.

4. Fertilizing care

In addition to strict requirements for sunlight, other conditions of Plantain Lily are relatively loose. If excessive fertilizer is applied to it, its roots will be burned and its leaves will turn yellow. At this time, it should stop fertilizing it for a period of time, and reduce the frequency and amount of fertilization in the later stage so that its leaves can grow normally.

Plantain Lily