How to grow calabash

Written by Maggie

Mar 16 2021

How to grow calabash

How to grow calabash by yourselves? The following are steps to grow calabash.

1. Choose calabash seeds to grow

Seeds should be selected before planting, and gourds with good shape and maturity should be selected as seeds. After the gourd is broken open, the gourd should be full and dark in color.Small calabash is different from big calabash, the mature seeds of small calabash are brown, the immature ones are light yellow, while the seeds of big calabash are light yellow.

 grow calabash

2. Soak the calabash seeds to grow 

Soak the seeds with carbendazim for about 60 minutes 

3. Soak calabash seeds in water before growing

Soak the seeds in warm water at 40℃ for 12-24 hours (I usually put water and seeds in a small thermos cup for a day). Then wrap them in wet gauze and dry them by swing, and crack the immersed gourd seeds to facilitate the sprout.With a square plate, bowl, a layer of gauze on the bottom of the seeds, soaked seeds evenly on the gauze, covered with a wrung new towel, into the foam box, foam box mouth stretched plastic cloth germination, generally about a week, the temperature of 30 ~ 35℃.

 grow calabash

4. Grow calabash seedlings in pots

After sprouting, plant two seedlings in a seedling pot (to prevent damaging seedlings), and cover with soil of 2-3cm.

5. Translate the calabash after growing

After growing 2 ~ 3 calabash true leaves, it can be transplanted to the field or in a pot (the diameter of the pot should be more than 50cm). The soil planted should be preloaded with base fertilizer (I choose decompose chicken dung and pigeon dung, and compound fertilizer can be used when applying topdressing).

After root determination and growth of calabash, pull out the weaker seedling and leave the other one.

Before the calabash grows its stems and tendrils, a bamboo pole or rope should be prepared to lead the calabash climbing tendrils to the calabash rack, and the middle should be properly fixed;

Side buds should be knocked off before being placed on shelves.

 grow calabash