How to grow bush lily from a seed

Written by Maggie

Sep 11 2021

How to grow bush lily from a seed

As long as the bush lily is pollinated successfully during the flowering period, it will bear small fruits at the end of the flowering period. After a few months of growth and development, the seeds will turn purplish red, and then the seeds will be mature. Some people might just cut it off and throw it away, which is a shame, because we can use the seed of the bush lily to grow more young bush lily. Be sure to put the bush lily to good use after the bush lily grows seeds at home. Now let's look at the setpes to grow bush lilies from seed.

1. Pick seeds of bush lily to grow

Bush lily seeds should not be picked until they are ripe. If they are still green, it means they are not ripe, so they will not germinate properly when picked. Seeds can be picked when they turn from turquoise to red or Burgundy. The outer skin is then peeled off, and the inner skin is cleaned clean, so that the crystal clear seeds can be planted and reproduced.

grow bush lily from a seed

2.  Soak seeds of bush lily to grow

After peeling the seed, it is best to sterilize the seed before sowing, soak the seed for 10 minutes or so with 1000 times of potassium permanganate or poly mycelium solution, and then sow it after drying. This acts as an antiseptic, preventing the seeds from spoiling when infected with bacteria.

grow bush lily from a seed

3. Prepare the culture medium for growing bush lily from seeds

The medium for bush lily cultivation must be loose and breathable. Instead of using garden soil with too much viscosity, fine sawdust and some river sand can be used as the culture medium. You can also use coconut bran, peat soil and other media, which are easier to make seeds root and germinate.Before sowing, it is best to also conduct a sterilization treatment of the medium.

grow bush lily from a seed

4. Sow seeds of bush lily to grow

After the seed and medium of Bush Lily are prepared, put the medium into the flowerpot and smooth it out. Then put the seed bottom down and evenly sow it on the medium. Be careful not to sow too densely. Then spray the medium wet with a kettle and place it in a place with scattered light and good ventilation for maintenance.

grow bush lily from a seed

5. Post-maintenance of growing bush lily from seeds

1. Temperature requirements

After growing Bush Lily seeds, an appropriate temperature should be provided for its germination. It is better to control the ambient temperature at about 20℃ ~ 25℃. Seeds will germinate slowly if the temperature is too low. Too high a temperature can suffocate the seeds. It usually takes about twenty days for seeds to take root and germinate under the appropriate temperature.

2. Keep basin soil slightly wet

After growing bush lily seeds, in addition to having a suitable temperature, it is necessary to spray water to the surrounding and medium frequently to provide a relatively humid environment for them, so that it is more conducive to the seeds to take root and germinate.

grow bush lily from a seed