How to grow and care for Lily of the valley

Written by Maggie

Sep 11 2021

How to grow and care for Lily of the valley

Lily of the Valley is a kind of flower popular with the public, because Lily of the Valley flowers fly in the wind like snow, so the grassland of Lily of the Valley is also called "Silver Heaven" by people. How to grow these beautiful flowers? The following we will share with you the growing methods and Lily of the Valley care.

Lily of the Valley

Growing Lily of the Valley

The soil can be prepared before planting. Choose loose sandy loam and sterilize the soil before use.You can directly go to the seed store to buy seeds. If you have Lily of the Valley at home, you can get seeds from the fruits after they are ripe. Soak the seeds in warm water, bury them in wet sand, and put them in a warm place to sprout. After the seeds will be evenly spread, covered with a thin layer of fine soil, good maintenance management. The following are steps of growing Lily of the Valley.

Choose the sowing time

It is more suitable for Lily of the Valley to sow seeds in autumn, when the climate is suitable for seed germination.

Prepare the soil

Prepare the soil for Lily of the Valley before growing, provide suitable soil, can promote germination, and we can choose to use loose sandy loam. This soil has good permeability, and can promote seed germination, to soil disinfection sterilization. Before use, remove the germs inside.

Get seeds

If you want to make it easy, you can go directly to the seed store to buy seeds. If you have Lily of the Valley flowers at home, you can get seeds from them. Generally, the fruit will be ripe in autumn. At this time, you can pick the fruit and peel the seeds from it.

Bubble germination

In order to improve the survival rate of seeds, it is necessary to soak the seeds in warm water, then dig out the seeds and bury them in the wet sand and put them in a warm place to accelerate germination.

Start sowing

Ready to prepare the soil packed into the appropriate pot, and then evenly spread the seeds, seeds covered with a layer of thin soil, and to water moisture, maintain a good growth environment, will soon be able to germinate.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley care

Soil care

Lily of the Valley needs loose, fertile and well-drained soil.

Watering care

Water 1 ~ 2 times a day, during the growth of the weather conditions and soil as appropriate to add water.

Fertilization care

Every 10 ~ 15 days apply a thin cake fertilizer water or compound liquid fertilizer, every time after watering and fertilization to a timely plowing weeding.

Lighting care

Put the pot in the lee, water it appropriately and place it in the dark place, and gradually move to the light place after 10 ~ 15 days.

Temperature care

Keep the temperature at 12 ~ 14℃, after 10 ~ 15 days move it to the sun curing, and room temperature increases to 20 ~ 22℃.

Pruning care 

Lily of the valley should be cut off as soon as possible after flowering, so as to concentrate the nutrient supply to the roots and stems.

Loosen the soil and change the pot 

Lily of the Valley will spread the mulch after the new bud germination in early spring, loosen the soil and change the pot once a year.

Care for Lily of the Valley having pests and diseases

Native wild species are often growing in groups, there are few pests and diseases.

Greenhouse planting is easy to breed diseases and insects, often seen as stem rot, anthrax, leaf spot and other fungal diseases. At ordinary times, we should regularly use copper fungicide to prevent and control, and strictly prohibit seed reproduction from the infected plant. Once the infected plant is found, it should be destroyed immediately to prevent the spread of the disease.

If there is brown spot, spray with 75% chlorothalonil wettable powder 700 times liquid.

Lily of the Valley