How to care for Red Water Lily

Written by Maggie

Sep 11 2021

How to care for Red Water Lily

When growing Red Water Lily, we may face many problems, such as Red Water Lily leaf yellowing, Red Water Lily leaf turning black. How to care for Red Water Lily if the leaves become yellow or black? The following are the caring tips for Red Water Lily.

Red Water Lily

How to care for Red Water Lily leaf yellowing

When buying Red Water Lily, you should choose the plump, strong and firm Water Lily with the appearance and texture of the top bud. There is no strict requirement on the size of the tuber, so as to avoid the red water lily with a vague top and no prominent bud.

Red Water Lily can be planted upright, lying in the mud, or inserted in the mud at an Angle. It is better to plant the top bud shallow in the mud, so that the root system can be directly rooted into the soil.

Avoid the incorporation of raw fertilizer into the soil, and avoid the fermentation of fertilizer to pose certain influence and threat to Red Water Lily.

Red Water Lily

How to care for Red Water Lily leaf blackening

In fact, there are many causes for the blackening of Red Water Lily leaves. If too much fertilizer is applied during the growth period, this phenomenon will occur. Too much fertilizer will reduce the Water Lily leaves and reduce the absorption capacity of Water, thus causing the phenomenon of black and coking on the leaves.

Secondly, the cause of Red Water Lily leaves turning black is bacterial infection. If Red Water Lily is infected with bacteria, various problems will occur, including leaf blackening.

In addition, the leaves of Red Water Lily are also easy to turn black when the light is insufficient and the leaves are too wet. At this time, the growing environment of Red Water Lily is too dank, which will cause the phenomenon of blackening and serious rot.

Another reason is that the Water is not clean. When the Water is dirty, the leaves of Red Water Lily tend to turn black.

If there is too much Water and fertilizer in growing Red Water Lily, the Water can be changed immediately. During the Water changing, it should be noted that half of the Water should be changed first to keep the Water temperature close to the Water. If too much base fertilizer is applied during the colonization, it is necessary to turn over the basin and replace the soil.

During the growth of Red Water Lily, if infected with bacteria and leaf disease, the blackened leaves need to be cut off and then sprayed with carbendazm solution.

In addition, sunshine should be enhanced. If Red Water Lily's Water is dirty, clean Water should be replaced. When changing Water, attention should be paid to the Water temperature to avoid changes in the ph of the Water.

Red Water Lily