How Much Do Landscape Boulders Cost - Boulders Install

Written by Ivy

Dec 28 2022

How Much Do Landscape Boulders Cost - Boulders Install

You can incorporate large stones into the yard, water features, or flagstone by following the suggestions we have gathered. Let's get started!

Average Prices

  • $100 is the minimum price per ton.
  • The maximum price per ton: $600.
  • Installation costs as little as $40.
  • Boulder installation costs a maximum of $300.

It's time to bid the conventional landscaping design farewell if you have artistic tendencies and are passionate about creating a useful and vibrant landscape design for your outdoor spaces. Due to their stunning appearance, placing landscape boulders has become the new trend for almost all landscapers to improve the curb appeal of their garden beds.

A rock doesn't just rock when it's a landscape boulder! This trend of using large landscape rocks, which create the wonderful effect to your landscapes with the low-maintenance requirements, has been explained by the fact that landscape boulders offer an amazing range of large shapes and different colors. When selecting large landscape rocks for the yard, consider their diverse inspiration, which includes a range of sizes, textures, and colors. This will help the outdoor area become more naturally beautiful.

Landscape Boulders Cost

The project cost is typically expected to range from the lowest price of $120 to the highest price of $4,000 for installation. However, there are a number of factors to take into consideration before you make a decision about this cost. The materials used in the boulders, the size of the yard, and even additional costs all affect the final price.

Learn more about the price of landscape boulders by continuing to read.

Cost of Landscaping Rocks Per Ton

On average, the cost of landscaping rocks is between $20 and $900 per ton, depending on each material you choose for the landscape. Boulders for landscaping are available in a range of substances, hues, and other characteristics. Pea gravel or decomposed granite will cost less to purchase, whereas river rock or lava rock will cost more.

For your garden vision, landscaping rocks are suitable options that are economical and achieve aesthetic goals. These rocks are used for walkways, driveways, retaining walls, patios,…

Cost of Landscape Boulders by Type

When calculating the price of installing boulders in the yard, the boulder's materials should be taken into account first. As we've already mentioned, there are numerous varieties of landscaping rocks that can be used for this project. The aesthetics, appearance, size, and function of each stone will vary. Rarer stones that are currently unavailable in market stores will cost more, so be prepared for that.

Decomposed Granite Cost

Granite that has been eroded over time by the weather is known as decomposed granite. This is the most popular type of stone which is usually used for driveways, walkways,… This material costs around $25 to $50 per ton with a wide range of colors and variances in textures.

Crushed Stone Costs

Because crushed limestone is readily available in many different shades, sizes, and styles, its cost is also quite affordable: $30 to $45 per ton. Due to its accessibility, affordability, and most importantly, its attractiveness, crushed limestone has emerged as one of the preferred materials for landscaping with boulders. Your garden beds have lovely curb appeal thanks to its variety of natural colors.

Crushed Granite Cost

Crushed granite costs a little bit more expensive than the above materials: between $75 and $100 a ton. Crushed granite offers slightly larger and more upscale shades, despite looking quite similar to decomposed granite in appearance. Luxury hues like beige and red are available in crushed granite gravel, which is frequently used for driveways and patios.

River Rocks Cost

The smooth stones that make up river rocks are found at the bottom of rivers and range in size and color. Almost all backyard gardens use river rock as a drainage solution to avoid flooding. Its wonderful function and smooth appearance make the overall cost slightly higher: $100 – $300 per ton.

Large Boulders Cost

Larger-than-normal stones are used for landscape design; these stones are called boulders. While some are manageable for you to carry on your own, others need a crane or other equipment. That's why the material cost is quite expensive –from $100 – $500 a ton. These stones are used in dry beds or as a focal point in the center of ponds.

Lava Rock Cost

Volcanic lava is the source of the igneous rock known as lava rock. This is one of the priciest types of landscape stones: between $120 – $280 per ton. Due to its durability and ability to last forever, lava rock offers you a good mulching solution.

River Rock Prices by Type

One of the best available options for landscaping is river rock. River rocks are also separated by type and they come in a wide range of costs, from $80 to $500 a ton. They are small, smooth-surfaced rocks that have a variety of colors and are rounded in appearance. There are many types of river rocks you might be interested in (we calculate per ton):

  • Colorado: $80 – $250

  • Rainbow: $100 – $200

  • White rocks: $150 – $200

  • Arizona: $150 – $250

  • Salt and pepper: $175 – $280

  • Flat: $200 – $500

Landscape Boulders Cost Per Square Foot

Although buying landscaping stones by the ton is common, you can also buy rock by the square foot. The cost ranges from $1.25 to $8.70 per square foot. A cubic yard produces between 80 and 162 square feet, depending on the depth and size of the materials. Additionally, most businesses will give you a better discount based on the quantity if you buy more square feet of rocks.
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Cost Per Foot to Install Boulders for Landscape

Landscape boulders cost $5 to $20 per square foot, depending on the rocks' size, the project's complexity, and labor rates in your location. That costs $24 to $50 per hour for labor.

An average boulder landscaping project requires about six tons of rocks, while a typical landscape boulder weighs 200 pounds and is three feet long. The total cost of landscaping boulders with materials and installation is $900 to $1000.

You can find a variety of options by searching for landscaping boulders near me if you plan to hire a professional. If you're hiring a contractor to install the boulders, we advise asking to see examples of their prior work. This increases the likelihood that the final product will be one you love because you will know the aesthetic they will create.

Landscaping With Boulders

Landscape boulders can be used to line a garden bed, a walkway, or to add aesthetic appeal to the lawn. Some people like to add landscape boulders to the areas around their fountains or pools. Building a fire pit or an outdoor stove is both practical and beautiful, and they look great around gazebos and other outdoor seating areas.

The best placement for large landscape boulders on the grass is in groups of three or four, or as platforms with varying heights. If you want to decorate your driveway or walkways, they can also be installed on paved surfaces. Place landscaping boulders on the ground in a strategic manner to prevent rolling or toppling. To give the boulder a natural, long-lasting appearance, dig at least a few inches into the ground, and in some cases, you can bury the boulder halfway there. Once you've got them all in the right places, try pouring gravel around their bases to keep them in place and give the area a more interesting look.

Similar to clustering, arrange the rocks in a straight row to create a lawn rock wall. Please measure everything when building a rock wall because you'll need to keep them in mind when buying. As an alternative, a professional can obtain the necessary materials if you hire them. As a result, it's advisable to have a general idea in both cases.

You should choose flat, sturdy rocks that stack well if you plan to use landscaping rocks to build steps.

When it comes to home improvement, landscaping boulders are a great choice because they don't need to be maintained and are relatively simple to install. They complement your property with color and a natural appearance.

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DIY Or Hire a Pro

By attempting the project yourself, you can cut the cost of the landscape boulders. That will be largely based on the work that needs to be done and the tools you already have. Large projects should only be undertaken by experts as they may require specialized heavy-lifting equipment. However, if you're confident in your ability to complete smaller tasks, you can do so safely.

Renting could cost $200 to $800 per day without your truck and lifting equipment. This equipment is already owned by a qualified contractor, who will include it in your final costs. A specialist can offer style and aesthetic advice as well because they have experience placing boulders in landscaping and can suggest ideas you may not have thought of.

What Are Landscaping Boulders?

Any rock that is larger than 12 inches in diameter and is classified as a landscape boulder generally includes all rock types, regardless of their color, texture, or shape. The two most common types of boulders are round and angular, though they can be found in any shape.

A round boulder is a granite or sandstone boulder with smooth, water-worn edges and curves.

Angular boulders had flat surfaces and jagged edges as opposed to round ones. Granitic, sandstone, crushed stone, and basalt may all be present in them, but not exclusively.

Typical Stone Boulder Used for Landscaping

It's possible that the aesthetics of each rock matter more than the landscaping stones used for boulders. When investing in these landscape boulders, you should take your existing landscaping design style into consideration as well as your budget. The right stone color is important to landscape projects when using boulders.

There are many different types of typical boulders used in landscaping, and they are available in a wide range of hues, including the natural hues of green, blue, and brown as well as unusual hues like gray, gold, and pink. Choose the right rock while maintaining the true authentic colors according to the area in which you reside.

This is a list of common rock landscaping boulders you can take a glare at:

  • Black Basalt Column

  • Black Granite

  • Black Crystal Basalt

  • California Gold Rock

  • Copper Rose Rock

  • Sierra Brown Rock

  • Desert Gold

  • Desert Marbled

  • Golden Queen

  • Grey Granite

  • Vista Cloud Rock

  • Santa Barbara Sandstone

How to Landscape With Boulders

Knowing exactly how to use landscape boulders to enhance your outdoor space when working on a DIY project is more important than ever because a landscaping garden is your own property. Contact experts for assistance if you're hesitant to handle it on your own and don't want to take the chance of allowing unfavorable events to occur. Let's start working on this project now!

Choose the Right Color of Boulders for a More Natural Look

The challenging part is approaching! Most homeowners are unaware of the precise number of colors of river rocks that are available for the landscaping boulder project. Your guests will be drawn to the surprisingly varied hues of boulders, and your landscape will benefit greatly. Aside from enhancing your landscaping and neighborhood, the boulder's color will also have a positive impact on your mood thanks to its array of striking beauty.

Imagine a landscaping design that features bold boulders in shades of black, peaceful off-white, or elegant pink, mellow gray, or red, or green boulders covered in moss or other plants, or even orange. These various hues and shapes can be combined to create a variety of moods in landscaping. Hence, you should be confused about which will be "the right color" of landscaping boulders that you need.

Group Boulders into Clusters (Like Rock Wall)

Instead of using single boulders, you might try grouping the landscape boulders. A single rock may add simplicity to your natural design, but groups of more than three rocks are more striking and wow visitors with a more authentic appearance. The boulder clusters could be found in a pool or a rock wall.

Form Retaining Walls

Boulders are a tough building material that are excellent for installing for retaining walls in addition to fire pit installations. A boulder wall is more attractive and sturdy than a fence, which could be destroyed by strong winds.

Rock Water Features

Your backyard will feel calmer with boulders and large rocks landscaped as a water feature. Although a pond is a popular choice for a straightforward water feature among gardeners, you can come up with your own eye-catching garden ideas, like a bubbling rock wall or birdbath. They are the most beautiful way to create flexible edges to the landscape structure in the garden yard.Landscaping River Bed

For drainage issues or any other outdoor problem, a river bed is used as a solution. Without taking any extra precautions for drainage problems, you can easily install a fascinating river bed to liven up the yard. To direct the water flow underneath your living spaces, you can divide the areas with a border of stones or a riverbed.

FAQs About Landscaping With Large Boulders

How Should I Organize My Landscaping Boulders?

Landscape boulders look fantastic in groups for adding curb appeal, such as a wall around a fireplace or garden bed, a property line, or steps leading to the patio or pool.

How Much Are Large Boulders Best for Landscaping?

In comparison to other features and the overall landscape, some people think the rock they purchased is insignificant. If you pick a rock that is too small, when the plants around it mature, they may dwarf it. If you want your boulders to fit into the context of a larger landscape, don't be afraid to set them in larger positions. You shouldn't worry if the rock is too large because it might be buried underground. Let's go big with it!

For the garden bed made of river rock, large gravel might be the best option. It looks more decorative thanks to this design.

How Many Boulders Should I Buy at Once?

Buy as many boulders for landscaping as you'll need all at once. You'll pay less overall per ton as you purchase more. This is why ordering landscaping boulders in bulk is a good idea.

What Does One Cubic Foot Weigh?

The weight of one cubic foot of granite is approximately 2.7 g/cm3, or 0.005952482 lb/cu ft.

Typically, a square boulder with the same height, width, and length weighs 165 lbs.

How Do Landscaping Boulders Get So Smooth?

River rocks are subjected to water flow, which erodes their natural edges and uneven surfaces over time to produce a smooth surface. These are attractive because they are all-natural and also have a naturally shiny finish.

How Do You Move Boulders?

You'll need an old tire to lift large rocks onto it and pull them around. To set leverage and move the boulders from their original positions, wedge a pry bar under them and support it on a wooden block. After that, move the smaller landscape boulders from their initial location.

The small and medium-sized boulders should be loaded onto sliding equipment and moved.

Get Rid of Landscape Rocks

Collect every free rock and place it in a separate pile according to the type of rock. As much as you can, categorize rocks. As an illustration, separate piles could be made for limestone and granite rocks, as well as pea gravel. Then, use water to spray the rocks in your yard to remove as much of the surface debris as you can.

How Do I Maintain My Landscaping Boulders?

Your landscaping boulders don't need to be kept in any particular manner. Once you have them in place and safe, they ought to remain there indefinitely. Smaller pebbles may need to be neatened if disturbed, but a stiff broom makes it simple to do so.