Ixiolirion tataricum (Siberian lily) profile

Written by Maggie

Sep 11 2021

Ixiolirion tataricum (Siberian lily) profile

Siberian Lily (scientific name: Ixioirion tataricum) is a perennial herb and capsule of the genus Siberian Lily in Lycoris family. Siberian Lily seeds are small, black. Siberian Lily was born in valley rocks or grasslands. The flowers of the Siberian Lily are large and beautiful, and the rare blue and purple flowers are very lovely and suitable for viewing.

Siberian Lily picture

Siberian Lily

Morphological characteristics of the Siberian Lily

Siberian Lily is a perennial herb. Bulb is ovoid, 1.5-2.5 cm long, up to 2.5 cm in diameter, with a brown bulbous coat with colored longitudinals. siberian lily has 3-8 leaves usually, clustered at the base of the stem, narrowly linear. Stem out spring, 10 -- 40 cm tall, the lower the 1-3 small leaf, composed of three to six flower at the top of the umbel, or raceme shorter umbrella, with spathe involucre, total bracts membranous, 2-3 pieces, white or green, lanceolate, to 3.5 cm long, apex acuminate mans shaped, except at the top of the raw inflorescence stems, sometimes within the bottom axillary can take 1-3 flowers; Pedicels of Siberian Lily are long and short varying; Bracteoles are smaller, membranous; Perianth is bluish-purple to dark bluish-purple; Perianth segments free, oblanceolate or narrower, 2 -- 3.5 cm long, 3 -- 7 mm wide, apically subacute, central with 3 -- 5 ribs; Stamens of Siberian Lily were born at the base of perianth segments, 2 wheels, inner wheels 3 longer, outer wheels 3 shorter, filaments glabrous, subfiliform, anthers basal; Ovary is inferior, subcliniform, 3-locule, stigma 3-lobed.Capsule; Seeds of Siberian Lily are small, black. 

Ecological habits of the Siberian Lily

Siberian Lily grows in valleys, sandy or grassy ground. Harvest and Storage: Harvest in summer, wash, use fresh or dry. Siberian Lily prefers a sunny, warm environment and well-drained soil. 

The distribution region of the Siberian Lily

Siberian Lily distributes in China's northern Xinjiang, also distributed in Asia Minor to central Siberia and Pakistan.

Siberian Lily

The propagation of the Siberian Lily

Remove young bulbs from cue balls and plant them in the fall. Plant bulbs in the spring, 10 cm apart and 7.5 cm in the soil. 

Landscape use of the Siberian Lily

The Siberian Lily is strong in nature and has large and beautiful flowers. Its rare blue and purple flowers are especially delicate and lovely in summer. Siberian Lily is suitable for garden ground cover plants, cut flowers are also appropriate.

Siberian Lily