Do Marigolds Keep Rabbits Away - More Alternatives Methods

Written by Ivy

Jan 03 2023

Do Marigolds Keep Rabbits Away - More Alternatives Methods

I have some tried-and-true strategies to keep rabbits out of your garden if you're looking for ways to do so.

Marigolds don't actually keep rabbits, deer, or other animals away from gardens.

Do Marigolds Keep Rabbits Away?

Rabbits, deer, and other animals are not scared off by marigolds. Rabbits actually occasionally eat a lot of marigolds. The best way to keep rabbits out of the vegetable garden is to build a fence around it out of chicken wire or hardware cloth.

What Are the Signs of Rabbits in Your Garden?

If you think you have a rabbit problem but haven't seen any with your own eyes, look for one or more of the following rabbit damage signs:

  • Pea-sized rabbit droppings in small piles or scattered around the garden
  • Young plants that are cut to the ground (both flowers and veggies)
  • Bark of trees chewed up in the spring
Do Marigolds Keep Rabbits Away

How Do You Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden?

Even though they might not deter rabbits, marigolds are a beautiful addition to any garden. But how do you keep rabbits out of your marigolds?

I hope you're only employing humane methods to keep pests out of your garden, even though it's never fun to deal with them there.

Moth balls are reportedly used by some people to keep rabbits out of gardens, but I disagree with that strategy. It's not only toxic for the rabbits, but they are harmful to humans. In the garden, please refrain from using mothballs!

Now that that is out of the way, let's look at what you CAN do to stop rabbits from destroying your favorite flowers and vegetables.

1. Fencing

The best defense against rabbits destroying your labor of love is a sturdy fence. It is best to have a chicken wire fence that is at least 2 feet tall and that begins about 6 inches below the surface. Rabbits can neither jump over it nor dig under it at this height. To stop gnawing, trees can also be surrounded by chicken wire. Although tree gnawing may not initially seem to be a serious issue, it can eventually result in long-term harm to the tree.

2. Make Your Yard Unappealing

Making your property unattractive in the first place is the best way to keep rabbits away. Eliminate any low branches or inviting shrubs that might tempt rabbits to build a nest there. Fix any holes you may have in outbuildings and thin out any thick vegetation. Put securing your woodpile to keep snakes out on your to-do list if you haven't already. Rabbits will also establish a home in an exposed woodpile.

3. Welcome Predators

Best pest management is natural. While you shouldn't immediately go out and buy a black market hawk, encouraging raptors to visit will help control the rabbit population. Keeping your lawn mowed so prey is easy to spot, and installing a raptor perch will encourage predatory birds to visit your yard. To further invite raptors, a nesting box should be put in place.

4. Use Fertilizer as a Repellent

Utilizing fertilizer to deter rabbits allows you to accomplish multiple tasks at once. Utilizing a blood-meal or bone-meal fertilizer will keep rabbits away while also providing your plants with nitrogen and other nutrients. The smell of blood will deter rabbits, and they will avoid your garden. To avoid causing damage while attempting to prevent it, be sure to do your research on the fertilizer that is best for your plants.

5. Liquid Fence

To prevent deer and rabbits from snooping around your garden, use Liquid Fence as a deterrent in your yard. Egg, thyme oil, and garlic are some of the ingredients. It should continue to function for several weeks after application and is advertised as being rain resistant. The product is available as a spray or granules. It has no detrimental effects on the environment, is safe to use around kids and pets, and is.

6. Make Them An Area

At times, it's simpler to simply cooperate with nature. By providing a special section of your garden for them, you can deter rabbits from entering your garden. Seeding one area of your lawn with extra clover should satisfy them enough to keep them from wandering over into your vegetable or flower garden. As they will have an easy food source, doing this in conjunction with a fence will deter them.


Pests are an inevitable part of gardening. Do not let something the size of a rabbit steal your enjoyment. When dealing with an animal as tenacious as a rabbit, the least stressful approach to pest control is occasionally the best approach. Find a solution that works for you and take pleasure in your garden.


Do Wind Chimes Keep Rabbits Away

Put a wind chime or some cans on a string to make noise when the wind blows. The slightest sound will cause a rabbit to flee because they are sensitive to noise. This might even scare them from coming back.

Do Marigolds Keep Animals Away

Marigolds do not repel rabbits, deer, or other animals. In fact, rabbits occasionally browse heavily on marigolds. The best way to keep rabbits out of the vegetable garden is to erect a chicken wire or hardware cloth fence around it.

How to Keep Rabbits Out of Garden Without a Fence

Try sprinkling dried sulfur around or on your plants. Try planting onions around your garden to further deter the furry animals since they also dislike the smell of onions. Try sprinkling some plain talcum powder on your plants to deter those pesky rabbits.

Do Marigolds Keep Mice Away

Plants and herbs known to keep mice and other rodents away include: Garlic, daffodils, and marigolds.