How to grow and care for Rosy periwinkle

Written by Maggie

Feb 07 2021

How to grow and care for Rosy periwinkle

When we grow and care for Rosy periwinkle, loose sandy soil is provided, watered every 3 to 5 days, kept slightly dry, nitrogen fertilizer is applied every 7 to 10 days during the growing season and top dressing during bud development. The temperature of 20 ~ 33℃ should be controlled, and sufficient solar scattering should be carried out.  At the same time, attention should be paid to timely pruning and disease and insect pest control. The following are growing Rosy periwinkle care.

Rosy periwinkle care

1. Sandy soil care for growing Rosy periwinkle

Rosy Periwinkle does not require high soil, general garden soil, peat soil can be planted, but it should be noted that you can not choose saline soil for planting, it will make rosy periwinkle poor growth. General selection of airy, permeable good sand soil, so Rosy Periwinkle can better grow.

2. Watering care for growing

Rosy Periwinkle does not need too much water in the curing process. When we grow and care for Rosy periwinkle, attention should be paid to water control when watering, so as to prevent excessive watering from causing water in the basin, so that the root of Rosy Periwinkle will rot. General 3 ~ 5 days of watering once, keep the pot soil wet can, less watering in winter, to keep the pot soil dry to overwinter.

3. Fertilizing care for growing Rosy periwinkle

Rosy Periwinkles growth period and pregnancy period need timely fertilization. Improve the sufficient nutrient content, so that the better growth of Rosy Periwinkle. When we grow and care for Rosy periwinkle, it needs 7 ~ 10 days of fertilizer, fertilizer to nitrogen fertilizer, Rosy Periwinkle pregnant period to apply phosphate fertilizer, so Rosy Periwinkle can open beautiful flowers.

4. Temperature care for growing Rosy periwinkle

Rosy Periwinkle's growth temperature ranges from 20 ℃ to 33℃, and the minimum temperature in winter should be kept above 5℃, otherwise Rosy Periwinkle will suffer from low temperature freezing. When we grow and care for Rosy periwinkle, it needs to be provided with sufficient sunlight during maintenance, so that it can grow and bloom under photosynthesis, and the hot sun in summer needs to be shaded.

5. Pruning care for growing Rosy periwinkle

When Rosy Periwinkle grows 4 ~ 6 leaves, it is necessary to start the heart picking, so that it will sprout side branches and grow vigorously, and the heart picking can not be more than 3 times. After Rosy Periwinkle blossoms, the pruning will be carried out in time, and the flowering branches will be cut off to prevent excessive nutrition consumption, Rosy Periwinkle poor growth.

Rosy periwinkle care

6. Rosy periwinkle care for pest control

Rosy Periwinkle often suffers from rust, leaf rot, and rootworm, which can cause damage to its branches and leaves, and may even lead to wither and death. When we grow and care for Rosy periwinkle, it is necessary to spray the WP and WP in time for disease control and spraying dibromochloropropane emulsion for pest control.

7. Growing Rosy periwinkle care for leaves yellowing

Watering care. Too much watering, poor aeration caused by the pot soil leaves withered. Rosy periwinkle avoids wet and waterlogging, pot soil watering should not be too much, too wet affect growth and development. Open cultivation, summer showers, pay attention to timely drainage, lest waterlogging caused by the whole piece of death.

Correct method: When we grow and care for Rosy periwinkle, we had better to follow, avoid wet be afraid of waterlogging, do not not pour, pour is pour through 3 big principles.

Soil care. Some flower fans may not pay attention to a small detail, Rosy Periwinkle with alkaline, rigid, poorly ventilated clay soil, resulting in Rosy Periwinkle poor growth and yellow leaves.

Correct method: When we grow and care for Rosy periwinkle, we should supply appropriate fertile and drainage good soil person, endure barren soil.

Sufficient illumination care. Rosy periwinkle is a light-loving plant, which must be sunny during its growing period, with bright green leaves and bright flowers. If long-term growth in the shade, leaf yellow deciduous.

When we grow and care for Rosy periwinkle, Rosy Periwinkle is suitable for growth temperature above 20°, and a full sunshine environment is required. After the seedling emerges, it needs to be shaded for 2 ~ 3 hours in the noon with strong light and high temperature.

Rosy periwinkle care diseases and insects; If Rosy periwinkle do not pay attention to ventilation, long-term in the shade will lead to leaf rot, rust and root wart nematode growth, long-term pests will cause Rosy periwinkle leaf yellow.

When we grow and care for Rosy periwinkle, for leaf rot, spray with 65% Dezine WP 500 times liquid. Rust is sprayed with 50% wilting acid wettable powder 2000 times liquid.The nematode rhizoma was sprayed with 80% dibromochloropropane emulsion 50 times solution for control.

Fertilization care. Rosy periwinkle leaves can be too Rosy or too much fertilizer applied directly to the leaves. And because the growth period blossoms unceasingly, needs a lot of fertilizer, so want to often fertilize, had better choose three yuan or plurality of fertilizer, otherwise can because of lack of nitrogen and yellow leaves.

When we grow and care for Rosy periwinkle, every 30 days or so in the growing season 1 time, and remember to pay attention to watering oh! This is conducive to basin soil absorption.

Rosy periwinkle care