How to grow and care for Jasmine tobacco

Written by Maggie

Jan 22 2021

How to grow and care for Jasmine tobacco

Before growing Jasmine tobacco, you need to prepare the seeds and soil in advance. This will make the growing process much easier. Let's take a look at the growing methods and care for Jasmine tobacco.

care for Jasmine tobacco

Steps to grow Jasmine tobacco

1. Seed collection

After the Jasmine tobacco seeds are ripe, the large and colorful flowers are cut and dried in the sun. The seeds are collected and stored.

2. Growing time

Jasmine tobacco is generally grown in spring and autumn, and it is usually better to sow in early spring.

3. Growing soil

Growing Jasmine tobacco requires loose soil, good air permeability, water and fertilizer preservation, clean and disease-free, and high fertility. Commonly used matrix has peat soil, coconut bran, perlite, vermiculite, generally mixed use.

4. Seed growing method

Jasmine tobacco seeds can be directly planted in the open seedbed. Of course, they can also be grown in a whole dish. Generally, 1 seed per acupoint is enough. After sowing, don't cover it with soil, but water it thoroughly to keep the substrate moist so that the seed can come into contact with the substrate.

In addition the disk is covered with glass or transparent plastic film, we can keep the air humidity, and in winter it can also be heat preservation.

After Jasmine Tobacco is grown, appropriate light should be given, which is conducive to the germination of Jasmine Tobacco seeds. At the same time, a certain humidity should be maintained in the environment, and the temperature of the soil should be between 24°C and 26°C.

If the soil is deep enough, it takes three to five days for young Jasmine tobacco roots to grow.

5. Maintenance after growing

When Jasmine tobacco seeds sprout, the soil moisture can be slightly reduced. At the same time, flower lovers need to add some liquid fertilizer with a lower concentration, which can promote the growth of Jasmine tobacco shoots.

After the Jasmine tobacco root system has grown, the Jasmine tobacco flower friends can increase the concentration of liquid fertilizer slightly, with a moderate increase in light.

care for Jasmine tobacco

Growing Jasmine tobacco care 

Potting soil care for growing Jasmine tobacco

Generally, a pot of about 20cm will be OK. Jasmine tobacco prefers fertile and loose soil, and the sandy loam rich in organic matter is the best soil for planting Jasmine tobacco, and the drainage should be good. If the drainage is poor, the roots of Jasmine tobacco are prone to rot.

Light care for growing Jasmine tobacco

Jasmine tobacco is a plant that loves light very much. When we grow and care for Jasmine tobacco, Jasmine tobacco should be given sufficient light. It is better to place it on the balcony of a family for maintenance, and turn the pot once every week.If the long-term lack of light, there will be a steep long phenomenon.

The temperature care for growing Jasmine tobacco

15-25 °C is the temperature range suitable for the growth of Jasmine tobacco. However, in summer, when the temperature is above 35°C, Jasmine tobacco will become too hot. When we grow and care for Jasmine tobacco, water mist should be sprayed to cool Jasmine tobacco. In winter, when the temperature is below 10°C, Jasmine tobacco will stop growing, and when it is below 5℃, Jasmine tobacco will suffer frostbite. When we grow and care for Jasmine tobacco, Jasmine tobacco should be moved indoors to keep warm.

Water care for growing Jasmine tobacco

The growth of Jasmine tobacco requires sufficient water, and the roots of Jasmine tobacco can absorb water very well. Therefore, when we grow and care for Jasmine tobacco, watering should be done every two to three days, and watering should be thoroughly done. In hot summer weather, they should be watered once a day to keep the soil moist for Jasmine Tobacco to grow.

Fertilizer care for growing Jasmine tobacco

In general, Jasmine tobacco needs to be formulated several times after the beginning of spring each year. When we grow and care for Jasmine tobacco, adequate nutrients can not only promote the growth, but also promote the flowering effect of Jasmine tobacco.

Pruning care for growing Jasmine tobacco

Every spring, Jasmine tobacco needs to be pruned to cut off the weak and diseased branches so that the stronger branches will have sufficient nutrition to grow. Also, pruning can help produce more flowers during the flowering season, and prune away buds and branches after the flowering season.

care for Jasmine tobacco