How to grow and care for French marigold

Written by Maggie

Oct 28 2021

How to grow and care for French marigold

The French marigold usually grows in the high mountains. When in bloom, its flowers are colorful and rich, as gorgeous as a peacock's tail. French marigold flowers can be harvested in summer and autumn with red, yellow, orange and other common colors. It has high medicinal value. At present, French Marigold has gradually become the main flower in flower beds and courtyards. How to grow and care for French marigold? Let's look together.

care for French marigold

Fertilizing care for growing French marigold

French marigold can be properly applied with some water and fertilizer during the growing season, because some artificial medium fertilizer can be added to the soil configuration as the base fertilizer. When we grow and care for French marigold, the French marigold can be applied with water and fertilizer every 7-10 days during the growing season. In winter, less fertilizer can be applied.

Watering care for growing French marigold

The French marigold doesn't require much watering, but if the soil becomes dry, it can be watered carefully, and can be thoroughly watered.

Trimming care for growing French marigold

French marigold can be rooted and put into the pot after cutting for 1 week. After cool in autumn, French marigold can grow rapidly and take shape, and can constantly produce bright flowers.

Light care for growing French marigold

French marigold is a positive plant, which requires sufficient sunlight for growth and flowering. Sufficient sunlight also helps prevent the plant from growing unnecessarily. When we grow and care for French marigold in high temperature seasons, we need to avoid direct sunlight, around noon to shade cooling.

Temperature care for growing French marigold

After a few weeks, the temperature can be lowered to 15℃, and before and after flowering to 12~14℃. Such temperature is the most ideal for the formation of good plant shape, but it may be difficult to achieve this condition in practical production. Therefore, in general, as long as the above 5℃ will not be frozen, 10~30℃ can be good growth.

French marigold care for pest control 

French marigold mainly has root rot at seedling stage, which can be controlled by root irrigation with methyl tobutzine 800 times solution.

The insect pest mainly has red spider harm, can spray dimethyl fruit 1500 times liquid control.

Common diseases are brown spot, powdery mildew and so on, a fungal disease, should choose good cultivation. When we grow and care for French marigold, pay attention to drainage and irrigation, remove the sick plant, sick leaves, burn residual branches, timely spray rust powder ning and other bactericidal drugs. The main insect pests are red spider, can strengthen the cultivation management, in the early stage of insect pests can be used 20 {bf} dichlorohydrin emulsion 500--600 times for spray control.

care for French marigold

Growing French marigold care for leaves yellowing

The yellow and spotted leaves of the French marigold are sunburned by the bright light and need shade protection. When we grow and care for French marigold, the fertilizer is diluted and used. Mulling French marigold regularly can help improve root absorption. Pruning the French marigold in a timely manner reduces the consumption of excess nutrients and prevents the growth of bacteria and pests. The following are details of growing french marigold care for leaves yellowing.

Light care

Long-term sun exposure can cause sunburn on French marigold leaves, causing them to become yellow and spotted. French marigold likes sunshine. Sufficient sunlight can promote the growth of French marigold and its petals will open more exuberantly. When we grow and car for French marigold in the summer, the French marigold needs proper shade protection.

Fertilizing care

In fertilizing French marigold, the concentration of fertilizer is too high, and the direct addition of fertilizer will cause root burning in French marigold. Leaves can be yellow and spotted and need to be diluted with fertilizer. When we grow and care for French marigold, nitrogen fertilizer can be added, and in the flowering period of French marigold, phosphate and potassium fertilizer can be applied to effectively promote the blooming of petals.

Soil care

French Marigold likes loose, fertile soil, which can become salinized if treated too long. French marigold's roots absorb slowly, resulting in yellow leaves and spots. When we grow and care for French marigold, the French marigold needs to be tilled frequently to effectively promote the absorption of its roots. There is more rain in the rainy season, so the soil drainage should be done well.

care for French marigold

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