How to grow and care for Common poppy

Written by Maggie

Jan 19 2021

How to grow and care for Common poppy

Common Poppy's flowers are very showy and highly ornamental, so many people choose to breed Common Poppy at home. We need to know how the Common Poppy seeds are grown to survive. It takes four steps: collecting, sowing, accelerating germination, and transplanting to grow Common Poppy. Today, we will talk about steps to grow Common Poppy and care for growing Common Poppy.

grow and care for Common poppy

Steps to grow Common Poppy

1. Seed collection

Seeds for common poppy can be purchased online or collected after the top portion of Common Poppy opens in August. For potted Common Poppy seeds, choose round, plump ones that are more likely to germinate and survive.

2. Sow seeds

Once you've collected the seeds, how do you grow the Common Poppy seeds so they can grow properly? The first step is to select a flowerpot with a diameter of about 25cm. Put half of the pot in a 1:1 ratio of sand into the pot, press the soil flat, and then sow the selected Common Poppy seeds on the soil. 2 to 3 seeds are preferred. Then continue to cover the seeds until the seeds are completely covered. This is the completion of sowing.

3. Seed accelerating bud

We usually cover the soil with a layer of plastic film, so that the moisture and temperature of the seeds in the soil will not be lost, and then make frequent observation. Keep the temperature of the seeds at about 20℃, and the seeds will germinate in about 7 days. After germination, remember to remove the plastic film above to provide a good space for the growth of new shoots.

4. Transplant after bud

We should choose to leave strong seedlings for germinating seedlings, and transplant them after they grow 3-4 leaves. After being transplanted to a new pot, we should press the soil to keep the seedlings straight. Keep the young Common Poppy seedlings in a cool, sunny place for maintenance.

grow and care for Common poppy

Care for growing Common Poppy

1. Appropriate flower pots

Common poppy is different from other plants. Its plants are very tall. We usually choose pots with a diameter of more than 25 centimeters and a depth of about 20 centimeters for planting. Don't plant too many Common Poppy plants in one pot. Generally, 3 to 4 Common Poppy plants are just enough. Otherwise, the living space of Common Poppy will be too small.

2. Water care for growing Common Poppy

Common Poppy doesn't have a high demand for water, so don't overwater it. We usually water it every 3 to 5 days. But at the beginning of spring, when Common Poppy is in its growing season, we need to water it more often, usually once every two days, to keep the soil in the pot moist. In winter, when Common Poppy is dormant, we need to water it less often, usually every 10 days or so, just to make sure the soil is not too dry.

3. Temperature care for growing Common Poppy

Common poppy is a cold-tolerant, heat-averse, warm-loving plant. When we care for Common Poppy, the suitable temperature for its growth is generally about 15 ~ 28℃, and the temperature required in its four growth stages is also slightly different. After the first stage of germination, we need to keep the temperature of about 18-21 ℃ for 5-7 days, the temperature of about 18-20 ℃ for 7 days for the second stage, the temperature of about 17-18 ℃ for 21-28 days for the third stage, and the temperature of about 15-17 ℃ for 7 days for the fourth stage.

4. Light care for growing Common Poppy

Common Poppy needs sufficient light for photosynthesis. Generally, when we care for Common Poppy, Common Poppy should be exposed to more than 5 hours of light, but be careful to avoid direct sunlight and exposure. Common Poppy won't produce its beautiful flowers until it gets plenty of sun, and they'll bloom earlier, which would otherwise delay their appearance.

5. Common Poppy care for pests control

Spot disease

Common Poppy is prone to spotting when it's in a wet environment. We need to pick the sick leaves and burn the sick plants. When collecting seeds, attention should be paid to soaking in water. Generally, soaking in cold water for 7 hours, soaking in warm water at 49℃ and 54℃ for 5 minutes respectively, and then cooling treatment.

Downy mildew

Downy mildew typically causes Common Poppy's leaves to develop pale brown spots on the front and a gray layer of downy mildew on the back, drying the leaves and twisting the branches. When we care for Common Poppy, we need to cut off the sick leaves and spray half of the mancozeb 600 times solution or half of the mancozeb 1000 times solution for control.

Conclusion: When we want to grow Common Poppy, we should know how to grow Common Poppy seeds, and pay attention to the Common Poppy caring tips, and do a good job of pest control, so we can easily grow Common Poppy.

grow and care for Common poppy