Do Bubble Machines Keep Mosquitoes Away - Learn More Useful Ways!

Written by Ivy

Dec 29 2022

Do Bubble Machines Keep Mosquitoes Away - Learn More Useful Ways!

The use of bubble machines can keep mosquitoes away. According to Snopes, soaps have no special ability to repel mosquitoes. A fan, however, is the part of any bubble machine that is most important. People can avoid these tiny bloodsuckers by blowing air, even gently.

Do Bubble Machines Really Repel Mosquitoes?

Bubble machines can deter mosquitoes because they do not like soap solutions. As a way to encourage participation among your guests, you could also buy cheap bottles of soap bubbles as favors. This is a lovely, useful, and environmentally friendly substitute for throwing rice if your wedding will be outside.

Four Unique Hacks to Keep Mosquitoes Away

Now that camping season has arrived, insects are out in full force as well. Finding the ideal camping spot only to find yourself being attacked by annoying mosquitoes is one of the worst things that can happen.

Traditional bug repellents and candles have some drawbacks despite their potential utility. Due to the chemicals in some sprays, some people are reluctant to use them. Others fade with time or perspiration, so they aren't always the best option, particularly for children.

Fortunately, there are some original strategies for repelling mosquitoes that you can use each time you pitch a tent. The best part is that these solutions make use of items you probably already have on hand or had planned to use while camping!

Do Bubble Machines Keep Mosquitoes Away

Blow Some Bubbles

Bring out the bubbles if you're with children! This is a great activity for the kids and something they can do that won't attract mosquitoes while they're having fun, but you could also buy a bubble machine to keep things moving.

Mosquitoes don't like soap solutions, which is why blowing bubbles is such an effective mosquito repellent. Therefore, you can deter them for a long time by blowing bubbles all around your campsite. Add some lemongrass oil to your bubble mixture for an even more potent solution. While the kids are having some sudsy fun, you can tell them they are hunting mosquitoes!

Use Herbs

You might want to use the grill or prepare food over an open flame while camping. Did you know that you can use some of your ingredients to repel mosquitoes? Burning rosemary, for instance, works wonders as a natural deterrent. Add a few rosemary springs to the grill when cooking steak or chicken. While you're trying to make dinner, the fresh herbs will give it a lot of flavor and keep bugs away.

Be Very Vanilla

Changing your natural scent can help prevent mosquito bites. The calming yet potent aroma of vanilla works better than very few other things. Take a spray bottle and fill it with warm water and a few teaspoons of natural vanilla extract. Then you can use it as a natural deterrent by spritzing it all over yourself. This will keep mosquitoes away and make you smell like baked goods! Who wouldn't want that?

Blow Them Away

In your RV, do you have a tabletop or standing fan? Use it to your advantage to genuinely drive mosquitoes away. Even a small fan that attaches to the outside of your apparatus can have a significant impact. Not only will it keep the camp area cooler for your guests, but it will also keep those bothersome insects at bay. Due to their light weight and fragile wings, mosquitoes are unable to fly in winds exceeding 10 mph.

As you can see, keeping mosquitoes at bay doesn't involve a major task or a ton of bug spray. On your next camping trip, use a few of these do-it-yourself fixes to prevent them from ruining your day.


One must sit directly in the bubble stream of a bubble machine in order for it to be effective in repelling mosquitoes. And because that might be a hassle, it's best to just run the machine with the fan on and no bubble solution. However, compared to a decent-sized box fan, the airflow from soap bubble machines is relatively weak. In addition, it has been demonstrated that the only two effective ways to keep the tiny bloodsuckers away are a box fan and an EPA-registered mosquito repellant.