How to Grow Cucumber on the Balcony

Written by Maggie

Jan 06 2023

How to Grow Cucumber on the Balcony

Cucumbers are probably one of the most popular vegetables to grow at home. They are not only delicious food, but also have beauty benefits. Scorching summer, the balcony plants a few cucumbers, leaves can shade cool, fruit cool and refreshing, so beautiful! Let's take a look at the most detailed balcony cucumber growing steps.

1. Prepare the cucumber seeds to grow on the balcony

The market or online to buy a bag of cucumber seeds. It is recommended to choose autumn cucumber or small cucumber varieties. And you can grow Celery with cucumber together. (Also Read: 13 Best Companion Plants For Celery - Best & Worst Plant for Celery)

2. Prepare the Container

Flower pots, wooden pots, foam boxes, professional cultivation boxes, etc., as far as possible a little deep, with drainage holes.

3. Choose the Soil

Loose, breathable, water and fertilizer good fertile soil.

grow cucumber on the balcony

4. Prepare Fertilizer

Organic fertilizer, shovel, watering can, frame with bamboo and other equipment.

5. Soak the Seeds

Soak the seeds in warm water at 40-50 ° C for 20 minutes, stirring constantly during soaking.

Then soak the seeds in water at room temperature for six to eight hours.

6. Take out the Seeds of Cucumber

Take out the seeds, wrap them in wet wool, and put them in the environment of 25-28℃ to accelerate germination. More than half of the seeds can be planted when they are exposed.

grow cucumber on the balcony

7. Sow the Seeds of Cucumber

Sprinkle the soaked seeds evenly on the surface of the vegetative soil and cover with 1 cm of thin soil.

8. Water the seeds

Water immediately after sowing and keep the soil moist for 4-5 days.

9. Put up a Scaffold

After about 20 days, the tendrils appear on the cucumbers, and they need to be shelving. Put 1 or 2 bamboo poles around the young plants. When the vines grow long, tie them to the bamboo pole with a manual assist and let them grow upright.

grow cucumber on the balcony

10. Pick a Heart for Growing Cucumber

Cucumber mainly in the main side of the vine or side vine results, when the cucumber vine climbs to the top of the shelf, to the timely heart, promoting multiple side vine, more results. At the same time pay attention to remove the top of the branches and leaves, tendrils, sick leaves, old leaves, etc., to reduce nutrition consumption, promote more flowering and fruit cucumber.
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