4 best vegetables to grow for beginners

Written by Maggie

Jan 27 2021

4 best vegetables to grow for beginners

With people's pursuit of healthy life, more and more friends want to build a balcony garden at home, their own hands to grow healthy and delicious vegetables. But for beginners, it is suggested to plant some good living, and can quickly harvest vegetables, so that we can get a sense of achievement, more confidence in growing vegetables. The following are 4 best vegetables to grow for beginners.

Grow fast cabbage for beginners

The shape of fast cabbage, and slightly smaller than it, dish as its name, growth is very fast, generally about 30 days can be harvested, delicious crisp, very suitable for beginners to grow.

Sowing time: all the year round can be planted, the summer growth is slower, autumn, winter section quality is better.

Seeding method: the seeds evenly sprinkled on the soil, covered with soil 1 cm, watering.

Humidity: fast cabbage like wet, but not water.

Fertilizer: before sowing the soil, add the decayed organic fertilizer, cake fertilizer.

Harvesting: it can be harvested when it grows to 10 leaves. At ordinary times, it can break off the peripheral leaves to eat, and the middle leaves will continue to grow. Harvest the whole tree when it is licking.

4 best vegetables to grow for beginners.

Grow nanohana for beginners

Everyone is familiar with nanohana, and often eat, fried, and do soup are very delicious. Nanohana is simple and easy to grow for beginners, grows quickly, and one and a half months can be harvested.

Growing time: Planting can be done all year round.

Seeding method: evenly sprinkle the prepared rapeseed into the flat soil, then moisten it with water after covering the soil.

Humidity: do not water too much before the seedlings, wet can be, after the seedlings to keep enough water, but not water.

Fertilizer: Fertilizer should be applied once when the real leaves are spread 2-3 pieces, and once when the plant height is 10 cm.

Harvesting: 1 and a half months or so, rape will grow, you can harvest down to eat.

Grow garden lettuce for beginners

Garden lettuce is also a delicious and nutritious green vegetable, often used to stir fry, taste fresh and tender, but also can reduce cholesterol, many beneficial! This vegetable is highly recommended for beginners.

Growing Season: The seeds can be planted throughout the year.

Seeding: Spread the seeds evenly over the soil, then cover with a thin layer of soil, keep the soil moist, germinate about 1 week.

Humidity: water once a week to keep the soil moist.

Fertilizer: plant height about 15 cm, top dressing a compound fertilizer can be.

Harvesting: generally harvested in about 35 days, plant height about 30 cm, with a knife from the root can be cut.

4 best vegetables to grow for beginners.

Grow lettuce for beginners

When it comes to fast-growing vegetables, we have to mention lettuce. Lettuce is not only easy to grow, but also very fast to harvest. Under the right cultivation conditions, lettuce can be harvested in less than a month, very suitable for beginners to grow.

Planting season: It can be grown all year round.

Seeding method: sprinkle the lettuce seed evenly on the surface of the soil in the pot, and water it after covering the soil. It will sprout in about 3-5 days.

Humidity: Keep the soil moist without overwatering.

Fertilizer: before sowing the soil into the decayed organic fertilizer, cake fertilizer.

Harvesting: Vegetables can be harvested in about 30 or 40 days. When harvesting, it can start from large plants and pull up the whole plant.

4 best vegetables to grow for beginners.