10 best vegetables to grow in containers

Written by Maggie

Jan 28 2021

10 best vegetables to grow in containers

In today's urbanization, having a yard is an extravagant hope for many people, not to mention growing vegetables in the yard. In fact, as long as you have a small balcony, it can also be used to plant small potted vegetables, not only can build a very beautiful garden, and can harvest the freshest and most delicious fruits and vegetables. Of course, you can also put vegetables on the roof, in the patio, in the porch or even in the window. The following are 10 best vegetables to grow in containers.

1. Grow tomatoes in containers

Tomatoes are without a doubt the most robust vegetable, you can grow them in a container. They need plenty of sun every day (5-6 hours a day is best). The size of the container depends on the type of tomato you want to grow, and you can try high-yield cherry tomatoes.

10 best vegetables to grow in containers

2. Grow beans in containers

Most legumes are a climbing, leafy type that grows upward, grows very quickly in containers, and is easy to grow.

You can grow beans in a container next to the wall, and in a few weeks, you'll get a green wall that will climb up the grid.It needs plenty of sunshine and a long, deep basin.

10 best vegetables to grow in containers

3. Grow lettuce in containers

Lettuce grows fast and can be grown year-round, and you'll soon have a big container of vegetables. Since lettuce is a fast growing seasonal crop, flower friends in the north can grow in spring, summer and fall, while flower friends in the south can also grow in winter.

Regimen dishes do not need too deep a container, planting, between each plant must be left at least more than 10 centimeters of space. You need rich, well-drained soil, water it often, and keep it moist.

10 best vegetables to grow in containers

4. Grow pepper in containers

Peppers are very productive potted plants. They have large and deep roots and need a large and deep container. They also need a sunny and warm place to thrive.

10 best vegetables to grow in containers

5. Grow cherry radishes in containers

It's a lovely turnip, red skin and white heart, it's also a very fast growing vegetable, it's perfect for container growing.

6. Grow peas in containers

Peas like a mild environment, they are a kind of more interesting plants, lovely flowers, can be afraid of pain, potted plants also need to do some scaffolding. Peas can be maintained on the balcony, choose a few low varieties, often water, because the pea likes slightly moist soil, not seeper on the line, put in the place that can accept sufficient sunshine.

10 best vegetables to grow in containers

7. Grow carrots in containers

Carrots grow best in cool weather and need to be watered regularly for pot care, otherwise the soil is slightly moist and not too dry. Growing this plant in a container is easy and does not require much space.

10 best vegetables to grow in containers

8. Grow cucumber in containers

Cucumbers are heavy and also need to be watered frequently.In a medium sized pot (depending on the variety) and full of sun. You can turn yourself into a successful crisp cucumber in a few months.

10 best vegetables to grow in containers

9. Grow beet in containers

Beets prefer to grow in a warm environment. Of course, it is also a relatively cold resistant crop, but also very suitable for container conservation, a container of more than 15 centimeters can be raised, and also does not need to be too deep.

10 best vegetables to grow in containers

10. Grow garlic in containers

Garlic is expensive, but they are too one of the healthiest foods. The best part is that you can also grow their containers at home. Garlic vegetables can also be eaten, and you can use them in salads, sandwiches, and many other preparations. Grow the garlic in a container, in a selection, at least 6 to 8 inches deep and as wide as possible. You'll want to leave 5 to 6 inches of space between each clove of your plants.