Mother in Law Plant Care & Propagation Guide

Written by Ivy

Jan 17 2023

Mother in Law Plant Care & Propagation Guide
Maybe when it comes to mother in law plant, we all know that I believe 90% of people have seen mother in law plant. Similarly, when it comes to the propagation of mother in law plant, most people know that it is very easy and easy to raise. But even if it is such a good plant, not everyone can raise it well. We all know that propagating flowers and plants requires sun exposure, watering and fertilization, so we all have a habit of watering flowers when we are free, but propagate mother in law plant requires you to restrain this habit. 

Mother in Law Plant Quick Info

Botanical/Scientific Name Dracaena trifasciata
Common Name Snake plant or mother-in-law
Varieties Sansevieria Ballyi,Sansevieria patens, Sansevieria Cleopatra, Sansevieria eillensis Chahin, Sansevieria masoniana f. variegata, Sansevieria cyldindrica
Uses Purifying the air
Origin Native to tropical West Africa from Nigeria east to the Congo
Light Care Ample sunlight
Soil Care Free draining soil
Temperature Care Fine of approximately 60-75°F (15-24°C) and no lower than 50°F (10°C)
Humidity Care Around 40% relative humidity
Watering Watered once every two weeks
Pruning Care It is best to do this when the plant is actively growing, ideally in spring or early summer.
Fertilizer Care A 20-20-20 fertilizer mixed in a watering container
Toxic Saponins are the toxic component in the mother-in-law's tongue plant

Mother in Law Plant Care in Detail

Mother in Law Plant Care & Propagation Guide

Mother in Law Plant Watering

Watering mother in law plant too often is also a fatal point for many people to keep hupilan well. I always think it's time to water it once or twice, and mother in law plant begins to rot, so we must control our hands.

Mother in Law Plant Soil

Mother in Law Plant decide on a loose, well-drained potting mix. This plant will do nicely in sandier soils. Pick a potting media low in peat. Peat works properly in many situations, however it can emerge as tightly packed and now and again has issues rehydrating or draining. An all-purpose cactus potting soil is a right choice.
Mother in Law Plant choose to be saved on the dry aspect so the combine they're planted in should drain freely. You do not favor it to keep too an awful lot moisture due to the fact this will lead to root rot.
That's why I add in the succulent and cactus combine due to the fact it is chunky and nicely aerated.
I additionally toss in a few handfuls of natural compost as I'm planting (I go a great deal lighter on each this and the worm compost when repotting houseplants as in contrast to container plant life in my garden) and a 1/2″ layer topping of the worm compost.
The pinnacle 4 are what I used for my mix. Compost, potting soil, succulent & cactus mix, & worm compost. The backside three are substances you can add to amend drainage & aeration to potting soil: perlite, clay pebbles, & pumice.
The pumice, perlite, and clay pebbles all up the ante on the drainage factor, allow aeration, and assist to stop the soil from staying too wet.

Mother in Law Plant light

Mother in Law Plant is nicely recognised for coping with direct solar and low mild conditions, though vivid mild stipulations with some solar mild and color is preferred.
Mother in Law Plant (also recognized as snake plant) is a flowering species which is specially grown for it is slick sword like lengthy leaves. This is a gradual developing plant that all and sundry can develop due to the fact of it is low and excessive solar mild tolerance and ease of watering.

Mother in Law Plant Temperature

They're very drought tolerant and can put up with months of no water, however will shortly go through if allowed to sit down in sodden and completely damp conditions. Water wishes will range between plants, however as a primary rule we generally water most of our plant life as soon as each two weeks. In very heat temperatures this will increase to as soon as a week. Less in Winter when it is cooler.
Even even though these are loopy hard and hardy flora they will hostilities with very bloodless Winter temperatures. If the soil is dry it will live on barring difficulty down to 5°C (41°F). Wet soils at this temperature notably expand the probabilities of leaves rotting away so be careful.
To get a desirable stage of new boom and to make certain your plant is happy, it will want temperatures between 18°C (65°F) - 27°C (80°F).

Mother in Law Plant Humidity

Average room (around 40% relative humidity). Mother in Law Plant's tongue will tolerate dry air, however preserve it away from air vents or drafts.
Over the years, the snake plant has gotten extra names such as “bowstring hemp” and the humorous “Mother in Law Plant's tongue.” Sansevieria are recognised for their sturdiness and aptness to continue to exist in substantially harsh conditions. These features make them incredible residence and workplace plants. They require minimal watering, low mild and do now not require excessive humidity levels. However, like each and every plant, there are particular approaches to care for these plant life to preserve them thriving as an alternative than simply surviving. Read on to locate out how to take the first-class care of your snake plant.

Mother in Law Plant Fertilizer

We also need to pay attention to the fertilization of Mother in Law Plant. We should sprinkle some rotten leaves or shovel some bird droppings in the spare time of the month. If you don't feel clean, get some fermented water of rotten fruit. Just pour a little liquid fertilizer. Control your hands and don't fertilize too often.

Mother in Law Plant Pruning

Sometimes the pointers of leaves will flip brown or whole leaves will die. If this happens, all you want to do is reduce the leaf of proper at the soil floor to dispose of it completely. There's no factor in reducing section of a leaf as it will no longer develop again from the reduce point.
Mother in Law Plant are notoriously hardy and pretty gradual growing, so will probably tolerate pruning very nicely at any time of year. However, to supply your plant the excellent threat of thriving after pruning, it is first-rate to do this when the plant is actively growing, ideally in spring or early summer.
Pruning does put a snake plant underneath stress, so if your snake plant is in bad health, it is higher to enhance popular care measures first, inspire some new wholesome growth, and then prune your snake plant, to promote fast recovery.

Mother in Law Plant Repotting

The fantastic time to do mother in law repotting is in the late iciness or very early spring. This places the transplant in the course of the time of 12 months that the plant's now not in lively boom mode.
But if needed, it can be carried out at any time of year. You'll recognize it is time when roots begin creeping via the drainage holes of your pot. Plastic pots can also begin to bulge a bit. When watering, it's going to appear as although all the water is coming straight through, and none staying in the soil.
Grasp the base of the plant to help it and gently flip it over. Take a appear – do you see roots spreading out the backside of the pot? Does the plant show up to be stuck, or does it slide out with ease? If it is stuck, it is genuinely time to get it in something a bit extra roomy.
While the Mother in Law Plant's tongue likes to be a bit rootbound, it would not do nicely when all it really is left in the pot are roots. So when it reaches that point, or if one of the different symptoms appear, you will comprehend it is time to get it done!
You can additionally propagate Mother in Law Plant if you'll like via division whilst you are repotting. We'll speak extra about that in addition onward.

Mother in Law Plant Pest & Disease Control

The most common disease of mother in law plant is leaf spot. If such problems occur in the breeding process, we can spray 50% carbendazim for treatment. When common insects such as weevils cause damage to mother in law plant, we can use spray to kill them.
The rotten roots of mother in law plant are mainly caused by excessive watering. Because the root system of hupilan is extremely underdeveloped, it is often not planted too deep when planting mother in law plant. When the partners water hupilan too much, the potted soil can not absorb and volatilize in time. This makes it impossible for the roots of mother in law plant to breathe, and eventually leads to decay. The correct watering of mother in law plant should be as little as possible. The watering amount should be judged according to the water permeability of potted soil to avoid root rot to the greatest extent. The rotten part of the root should be cleaned up. If necessary, we can sterilize with fungicides such as carbendazim, then dry in a cool place and replant..

Mother in Law Plant Propagation

Mother in Law Plant Cutting Propagation

First of all, you need a large surviving mother in law plant to carry out mother in law plant cutting propagation. You can cut a large leaf from the root, or you can cut it from a friend. For cutting planting, you don't need to take the whole leaf for cutting. In order to increase the survival rate, you can cut a leaf into several sections with a knife, usually 20 cm into one section, But when cutting, pay special attention to the two cuts, which is the upper section and which is the lower end. When cutting, the lower end will take root only when it is buried in the soil.

Before mother in law plant cutting propagation, you can soak the cut sections in the previously prepared rooting solution. Rooting solution can be bought in florists. It is explained above. You can configure it in proportion and soak it in mother in law plant, which can promote the rooting and survival of new cuttings as soon as possible. After soaking, the seedlings must be dried. This is to make the incision of mother in law plant complete an oxidation process in the air and form a protective film at the incision, so that you can greatly reduce the possibility of decay of the incision in the soil. Some people will say that it is not necessary to dry roots after soaking in rooting solution, but I personally think it is very important to dry roots. After all, the soil is all kinds.

However, the soil of mother in law plant must be soft and breathable. It can be mixed with some river sand or small stones. The basin bottom should be padded with more cinders. Just said, insert the lower end of the cut mother in law plant into the soil. You can tilt it at an angle of 45 degrees and insert it almost 1 / 3. Just insert the cut mother in law plant one by one. Especially remember not to water here. The soil you prepare is wet, so put it on the windowsill so that it can receive astigmatism and not direct sunlight. You can water mother in law plant again in a week, and then quietly wait for it to take root.

Mother in Law Plant Division Propagation

The Mother in Law Plant tongue plant rises from thick, under-the-soil organs known as rhizomes. These residence the strength for leaf and stem growth. Pull the plant from its pot and use sharp shears or a hand noticed to reduce the base aside into sections. Usually simply reduce it in 1/2 except the plant is definitely historical and has hundreds of rhizomes. A desirable rule of thumb is at least three rhizomes plus one healthful leaf per new plant. Plant every new area in clean potting medium.
As you can see in the photograph above, on the right, you can see that I reduce one leaf in half. You can NOT flip the leaf segments upside-down or they will no longer root.
Place the entire leaves, or leaf segments, in a glass or jar with at least an inch of water or so.
If you use a glass that is narrower at the bottom, it can maintain the leaf in region so that the backside of every leaf does not relaxation at the backside of the glass.
You can additionally use small orchid clips or hair clips to preserve the leaves up securely to propagation vessel however so they're now not resting at the backside on the glass.
This will enable room for the roots to grow. The roots will develop anyway, however this is a little better.

Mother in Law Plant Propagation in Water

Choose a container tall ample to maintain the leaf. Select a healthful leaf that is now not too historical and use clean, sharp shears to reduce it off. Put the reduce stop of the leaf in simply sufficient water to cowl the backside quarter of tissue. Place the container in an oblique mild state of affairs and trade the water each couple of days. Soon you will see little roots. Plant the rooted leaf in sand or peat moss and observe common snake plant care.
This technique is genuinely no exceptional than the water method, however it skips a step. Let the reduce leaf callus over for a day or two, then insert the reduce stop into gently moist sand in a container. Wait a couple of weeks and the plant will root on its own.

Mother in Law Plant Varieties

1. Sansevieria Trifasciata 'Black Gold' (Viper's Bowstring Hemp)

This mother in law plant varietiy is a famous kind of perennial snake plant cultivar that has darkish inexperienced leaves and a placing golden-yellow edge. This viper's bowstring hemp plant has stiff fibrous leaves of develop tall, giving the plant a awesome glossy look.

2. Sansevieria Trifasciata 'Futura Robusta'

This mother in law plant varietiy is an evergreen sansevieria that has grayish-green leaves in striped patterns. The shorter sword-shaped leaves develop in a dense clump and are recognized by using their twisted growth. Unlike most different sansevieria trifasciata varieties, the 'Future Robusta' solely reaches heights of round 24” (60 cm).

3. Sansevieria Trifasciata 'Golden Hahnii'

This mother in law plant varietiy is the 'Golden Hahnii,' once in a while additionally known as the Bird's Nest' sansevieria. The broad tapered leaves of this snake plant range have inexperienced and mild inexperienced striped markings strolling horizontally. As the leaves grow, they structure clusters and grow to be leafy funnels. Looking at the 'Golden Hahnii' from above, you will be aware a rosette sample to its shape.

4. Sansevieria Trifasciata 'Futura Superba'

This mother in law plant varietiy in reality lives up to its title of superb. This variegated cultivar appears like a smaller model of the 'Black Gold' snake plant with vibrant inexperienced leaves and golden yellow edging. One of the variations between this trifasciata species and the 'Black Gold' one is that its leaves are shorter and wider. The brightly coloured inexperienced variegated leaves of this Mother in Law Plant's tongue develop straight and tall.

5. Sansevieria Trifasciata 'Laurentii'

This mother in law plant varietiy has tall stylish variegated yellow and inexperienced leaves. The grayish-green leaves have stripy patterns alongside their length. The yellow band jogging the size of the 'snake' leaves offers fashion and magnificence to this sansevieria variety.

Mother in Law Plant Benefits

Mother in law plant can also absorb more than 80% of some gases harmful to human body in the house, and its ability to absorb formaldehyde will be stronger than that of other harmful substances. At the same time, it can also absorb a large number of radionuclides and have an obvious absorption effect on harmful substances. Mother in law plant can be placed on the tea table, and the larger one can be placed in front of the sofa or French window. In summer, small hupilan can be placed on the table to make the family feel a more comfortable environment when eating. Placed in the kitchen, mother in law plant can also absorb the oil fume in the cooking process, purify the air of the oil fume in the kitchen in time, and provide a healthy environment for the family. Hupilan leaves can absorb water vapor in the air to moisturize. It is the best choice for toilet and bathroom plants.

Mother in Law Plant Care FAQs

Can Mother in Law Plants in Regulation Tongue Plant Stay Outside?

Yes, Mother in Law Plants in regulation tongue plant can stay outside. As a common rule, Mother in Law Plant (bowstring hemp) choose 70° levels Fahrenheit or greater however can't deal with temperatures under 55° degrees.
They can tolerate average family humidity stages and cope with comparable degrees exterior however will additionally be ok in average humidity.
Place them in a spot it truly is free of unexpected airflow, as Mother in Law Plant's tongue would not like drafts.
These flora are endorsed for USDA hardiness zones 10 to 12, the place they shall thrive year-round.
However, you can additionally develop them as out of doors container vegetation in cooler zones, bringing them interior throughout the iciness months when the temperature threatens to drop beneath 55° levels Fahrenheit.
Keep in idea that all Mother in Law Plant are fairly poisonous to pets, children, and many different species.
Additionally, this plant might also be well-behaved in a pot, however it will unfold if given a chance.
Keep an eye out for signs and symptoms that its root gadget is hogging too a whole lot house or of the plant trying to take over the mattress it is planted in and prune accordingly.

Is Mother in Law Tongue Plant Poisonous?

Mother in law tongue plant is non-poisonous and will not be poisoned during maintenance or contact. However, people who are allergic to it had better not contact it. We can put mother in law tongue plant indoors, which can absorb toxic gases in the air and purify the air, which is very beneficial to human health. At ordinary times, we should let mother in law tongue plant receive sufficient light and ensure that the soil is wet.

How Frequently Ought to I Water my Mother in Law Plants in Regulation Tongue Plant?

1. Watering According to Soil Conditions
The roots of mother in law plants are usually sensitive and cannot be soaked in water for a long time, otherwise rotten roots will occur. If the soil drainage of such plants is good, mother in law plants needs to be watered once in about three days; The soil with average drainage has the ability to store water, so it's almost enough to water it once a week.
2. Water According to the Climate
Mother in law plants is a plant that likes Yang, so the demand for sunshine is relatively high, because it is a plant that likes Yang and is not drought resistant, and mother in law plants has a high demand for water. The watering rules at this time should replenish water according to the weather.
  • When the weather is hot, we can water it once a week. When watering, we should fully water it, but there should be no ponding in the basin soil of mother in law plants, otherwise it will affect the health of the plant.
  • If the weather is cool, just water it once every ten days and a half months. If the leaves of mother in law plants turn white during this period, the watering is unreasonable, or the roots of the plants are blistered. At this time, replacing the pot soil of the plants and replanting can solve this problem.